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Advanced SEO Checklist for 2021: We have read hundreds of online website articles about SEO, but none of them can be helpful for us in finding the most digestible tips and tricks for improving website SEO. Isn’t it? Moreover, you may reach SEO experts in developing the most advanced search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Search engine optimization is concerned with the non-inbuilt strategy that helps influence the search engine to crawl your business website by understanding the content where the indexing of your web pages will be done.

After reaching all sources, you may find yourself helpless in getting your business objectives over implementing website SEO. Am I right? Don’t let yourself down. Our experience for many years is letting us be the solution for others, and we’ve listed the SEO checklist, which you need to bookmark. Moreover, it can allow you to find massive audience traffic to your website.

When it comes to SEO, there is a lot of confusion. What should you do? How much work will it take? When does the job start and stop? For those looking for an advanced SEO checklist, we’ve got you covered. Here are three steps to help your site rank higher in organic search results; select keywords and phrases. Build links back to your site and Create content. So Google can index it more easily.

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, and staying up-to-date is essential. This checklist will help ensure that your blog posts are optimized for SEO!

Advanced SEO Checklist for 2022:

SEO Checklist: Video Transcription

SEO Checklist: Google Analytics

SEO Checklist: Technical SEO cheat sheet

SEO Checklist: Content optimization

SEO Checklist: Local SEO

SEO Checklist: Social media

SEO Checklist: Link Building

SEO Checklist: Ongoing SEO

SEO Checklist: Google Search Console

SEO Checklist: Google Tag Manager

SEO Checklist: SEO tools

SEO Checklist: SEO Plugins

SEO Checklist: XML sitemap

SEO Checklist: Launch amplification & link outreach plan

SEO Checklist: Serve the searchers by hiring the authoritative content creator

SEO Checklist: Most compelling title tags and meta descriptions

SEO Checklist: Employ the primary, secondary, and related significant keywords

SEO Checklist: On-Page optimization

SEO Checklist: Local optimization

SEO Checklist: Content with targeted keyword phrases

SEO Checklist: Header tags and keyword phrases

SEO Checklist: Internal page linking with anchor text

SEO Checklist: Image ALT tags and filenames

SEO Checklist: Make content easy to read

SEO Checklist: Mobile optimization

SEO Checklist: Usage of rich snippets and schema markup in the enhancement of the content

SEO Checklist: Sitewide optimization

SEO Checklist: Webmaster tools

SEO Checklist: Crawlable, accessible URLs

SEO Checklist: Keyword research

SERPs were researched to be Google’s most believed relevant search content provider.

SEO Checklist: Accessibility, crawl, and UX

SEO Checklist: Setup of essential services and tracking

SEO Checklist: Schema, rich snippets, OpenGraph, etc

SEO Checklist: On-Page SEO cheat sheet

SEO Checklist: External SEO factors

SEO Checklist: Optimize for page speed

SEO Checklist: Keyword to URL map for your content

SEO Checklist: Title tags

SEO Checklist: Meta descriptions

SEO Checklist: Meta keywords

SEO Checklist: Basic setup

SEO Checklist: Keyword research

SEO Checklist: Technical SEO

SEO Checklist: Content creation

SEO Checklist: On-page optimization

SEO Checklist: Domains

SEO Checklist: Website architecture

SEO Checklist: URL canonicalization

SEO Checklist: Redirects

SEO Checklist: Robots.txt

SEO Checklist: Site speed and page load time

SEO Checklist: 404 pages

SEO Checklist: Crawl errors

SEO Checklist: Broken links

SEO Checklist: Broken images

SEO Checklist: HTTPS

SEO Checklist: Duplicate content

SEO Checklist: Link attributes

SEO Checklist: Structured data

SEO Checklist: Mobile-friendliness

SEO Checklist: Topics

SEO Checklist: Primary keywords

SEO Checklist: Long-tail keywords

SEO Checklist: Determine search intent

SEO Checklist: Map keywords to the buyer’s journey

SEO Checklist: Competitor keyword gap analysis

SEO Checklist: Search trends

SEO Checklist: Keyword-to-page mapping

SEO Checklist: URLs

SEO Checklist: Title

SEO Checklist: Meta description

SEO Checklist: Headings

SEO Checklist: Body copy

SEO Checklist: Competitor content gap analysis

SEO Checklist: Optimized content

SEO Checklist: Topic clusters

SEO Checklist: Optimized blog

SEO Checklist: Thin content check

SEO Checklist: Internal linking

SEO Checklist: External links

SEO Checklist: Image optimization

SEO Checklist: Link building

SEO Checklist: Link reclamation

SEO Checklist: PR

SEO Checklist: Bylines

SEO Checklist: Influencer partnerships

SEO Checklist: Business partnerships

SEO Checklist: Digital marketing partnerships

SEO Checklist: Industry directories

SEO Checklist: Reviews

SEO Checklist: Reputation management – assess brand search results

SEO Checklist: External links to disavow

SEO Checklist: Rank tracking

SEO Checklist: Link monitoring

SEO Checklist: SEO dashboards

Advanced SEO Checklist for Marketers

  • Add keywords to your page titles
  • Make sure you have a meta description for each page
  • Use descriptive alt tags on images and videos
  • Include keyword-rich text in the first paragraph of your post/page and in the title tag and introduction section.
  • Search for your site on Google and see what comes up
  • Check the titles of the pages that come up. Are they relevant to your content?
  • Check out the meta descriptions. Do they sound compelling?
  • Check out all links coming from other sites to yours, including any social media links you may have posted or been tagged in (make sure there’s no spammy-looking stuff)
  • Make sure you’re following Google’s guidelines
  • Optimize your website for search engines
  • Update the title tags and meta descriptions on all pages of your site
  • Add an XML sitemap to your site’s root directory, which will help crawlers find new content more easily
  • Use keywords in the text of every page on your website, including headlines and body copy
  • Include relevant keywords in the URLs of webpages, as well as in H1 headers for sections or articles within a webpage
  • Optimize your site for mobile devices
  • Add schema markup to your pages
  • Use keywords in the URL, page titles, and meta descriptions
  • Increase social media engagement on your website posts
  • Check your title tags and meta descriptions
  • Create a sitemap for Google to crawl
  • Optimize images with keywords in the file name or alt text
  • Write compelling content that answers searcher’s questions and includes links to other pages on your site
  • Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc., to promote your website
  • Create a content strategy
  • Optimize your website’s page speed with Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Use Google Search Console to monitor and fix any issues with your site’s SEO
  • Add Schema markup to your website for better search results on both desktop and mobile
  • Make sure you have social media profiles set up for the right platforms
  • Use meta descriptions to attract potential customers
  • Add keywords throughout the content of your website
  • Check for any broken links and fix them if necessary
  • Keep your site up-to-date with new posts and pages as often as possible
  • Check your site’s speed
  • Optimize for mobile browsing
  • Use schema markup to help search engines understand what your content is about
  • Make sure you have a sitemap and that it’s submitted to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Avoid duplicate content by linking internally or using 301 redirects when appropriate.


When you’ve completed all of the tasks in this checklist, your website should be at least on par with its competitors. If it is not yet doing as well as you would like, or if any points have been left out, please get in touch with us for advanced SEO consulting services to rank your site higher than ever. Give us a call today!

This checklist is free, and we recommend using it as part of our consulting services to help our team identify what needs improvement on your website to drive the best possible traffic. Contact us today if you want expert advice about search engine optimization or need any assistance with online marketing!

As a marketer, when you lack the knowledge to understand each term in the SEO, you cannot know what you are looking for. The transformation in the digital marketing world is letting companies find more advanced strategies and techniques to reach customer expectations.

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