Frequently Asked Questions

Fully Managed AI Marketing Services – At Dotndot, we offer comprehensive AI marketing solutions that include monitoring, management, support, and security for all your marketing systems and user interactions at a predictable monthly fee.

Co-Managed AI Marketing Services – Our team acts as an extension of your in-house marketing team, handling repetitive tasks, unique services, and special projects. We manage the AI-driven backend while your in-house team handles the rest.

AI-Powered Digital Designs

AI-Powered Marketing Consulting

AI-Powered Social Media Insights & Analytics

AI-Powered Lead Generation

AI-Powered Marketing Automation

AI Marketing Services:

At Dotndot, we lead with AI-driven marketing strategies and compliance guidance, filling two major gaps in the marketing service industry. Our expertise helps clients:

  • Leverage AI to save time and money, thereby increasing profitability.
  • Improve team morale and reduce employee frustration through efficient AI marketing solutions.
  • Strengthen defenses against data breaches and lower cybersecurity risks with AI-powered security measures.
  • Minimize legal exposure and compliance risk by implementing AI in your marketing strategy.

AI-Powered Marketing Services:

Core Services are the fixed, foundational resources included in all our AI Marketing Service Level Agreements.

AI-Powered Digital Designs & Consulting – Strategic direction, budgeting, planning, and consulting services with account reviews and AI-powered marketing roadmaps to advance your digital transformation.

AI-Powered Marketing Consulting – Your contact for all account details. This trusted advisor liaises between your AI-Powered Digital Design team and the service team, managing queries about AI marketing services, invoices, and every piece of technology that supports decision-making, collaboration, productivity, compliance, business continuity, security, and efficiency.

AI-Powered Social Media Insights & Analytics Tools – Automation, Ticketing, CRM, Remote Management and Monitoring, Documentation, Communication, Notification, and Data Privacy.

AI-Powered Lead Generation & Sales Assistance – We interact directly with your other marketing teams for incident remediation, escalating requests, or resolving incidents within your marketing environment. We also answer basic queries about your environment or provide access to systems the vendor has requested when approved by the client.

AI-Powered Marketing Automation – Dotndot sources products exclusively from authorized channels and recommends AI-driven business-class solutions. We also identify configuration options, ensure proper registration, manage licensing and warranties, and guarantee that all products are genuine.

AI-Powered Marketing Technology Consulting – Monitoring, Administration, Reporting, Domain Name, and SSL Certificate Management, Remote Incident Remediation, and On-site Incident Remediation.

If a client has more than one location – with expanded Network Management & Vendor Technical Assistance requirements – additional Core Services charges will apply.

Dotndot selectively partners with growing organizations that appreciate the application of strategic planning and budgets to a proven AI marketing process based on standards and best practices, all aimed at improving performance and mitigating risk.

Dotndot develops and manages robust, streamlined, and secure AI marketing systems by actively engaging and advising our clients in regularly scheduled Strategic Business Reviews with an AI-Powered Marketing Consultant.

Most Dotndot teams limit new client onboardings to two per month. This strategy allows us to implement comprehensive, data-driven quality controls from the outset, which create increasing operating leverage for our clients throughout the lifetime of the partnership.

Dotndot is responsive by design. We collaborate with organizations that recognize the importance of a standards-based approach to shape the architecture and lifecycle management of their AI marketing systems.

This alignment enables clients to utilize business-optimizing technology that doesn’t necessitate constant, reactive, emergency intervention, freeing up more time for them to concentrate on business growth.

We provide users with direct access to support, which removes bottlenecks and allows us to gather data and insights to identify training gaps and recommend improvements to the AI marketing system.

The result is akin to the concept of compound interest. When you invest in the process over time, both the quality of service and responsiveness increase. Failure to invest (or starting late) makes it impossible to keep pace.

Operationally mature organizations in the following verticals:

  • Professional
  • Entertainment
  • Service Related Industries
  • Politictics
  • SaaS Products – Any Industry
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Fashion
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofit