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Google AdWords must have a PPC advertising platform for the business brands where ad campaign monitoring and optimization occur consistently, critical factors driving audience engagement traffic. Pay-per-click advertising is the #1 marketing method for selling products or services. But we feel that it is a full-time task for the businesses. Isn’t it? We must adopt excellent PPC tools to effectively launch ad campaigns through keyword research, Ad Copy, and AdWords analysis.

Top AdWords Tools

AdWords Tool: KW Finder

KWFinder is one of the trending single-stop shops for keyword, analysis, and search engine optimization (SEO) tools that help business brands find the keywords that are very weak in finding the high search volume of SEO.

Using this tool, one can find the page ranking, see the in-depth website metrics, and analyze the backlinks that boost the search ranking on Google.

AdWords Tool: Google Ads Keyword Tool

When you find the search trends on Google, you are the master of running the most successful ad campaigns. You can use the Google Ads Keyword tool to identify the search terms on Google that are relevant to the content of your website and business domain.

This keyword provides many long-tail trending keywords most relevant to the Google search key terms. The keyword will be suggested depending on the language you select and the Google domain.

AdWords Tool: Answer the Public

The consumer insights collection tool integrates Google and Bing search suggestions, making the visualization of that search cloud available to the users.

It will organize the search cloud in different categories like where and why, etc., creating an overview of the search terms in the form of questions that the visitors are the search engine.

AdWords Tool: AdWords Wrapper

It is a free keyword tool that helps businesses to find keywords in the form of quotation marks that can be used, especially in Google AdWords campaigns.

We can say that it is a time-saving online keyword tool that can be used to find valuable results for your ad campaigns.

AdWords Tool: Google Trends

Google Trends is the trending tool that helps businesses launch the PPC and search engine optimization (SEO) for the company. Using this tool, we can figure out the keywords trends through which any business can sketch the idea of collecting the website optimization strategies that let your ad campaigns reach a million audiences and improve the growth of your business.

AdWords Tool: Unbounce

By using this tool, businesses can create the landing page, publish it, and test the landing page before using it commercially. Moreover, the customer experience on the website can be improved. This helps increment the conversion rate by delivering a cent percent of mobile optimization.

AdWords Tool: AdWords Ad Preview Tool

Businesses can use the AdWords Ad Preview tool to choose the location, device, domain, and language any company requires to review the ads. This is one of the most valuable tools that let you launch location-based ad targeting and know whether the ad settings are working correctly or not.

AdWords Tool: Traffic Booster

This tool lets you cut the burdening efforts on improving business growth by automating Google Ads with the involvement of artificial intelligence technologies. It also helps launch ad campaigns at the relevant audience at the right time within your affordable cost. This tool can find visitors interested in the products or services you are selling.

AdWords Tool: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the world’s favorite freemium website analytics platform, enabling users to analyze the data relevant to business performance. This platform provides a report on the conversions and consumer behavior that projects where your business website is performing better and where not.

AdWords Tool: Google Analytics Content Experiments

Many businesses are using this tool for AB testing. The Google Analytics content experiment enables users to test the bounces, click-throughs, sessions, duration, etc., of the websites’ consumers.

Moreover, using this tool, we can find different marketing designs and messages to improve the user experience on the website and make conversions.

AdWords Tool: Spyfu

It provides a wide range of features for PPC and SEO managers looking to find the winning secrets of search marketing. It is one of the trending tools to see the new top keywords that can be used in organic and paid search campaigns. By using this tool, one can analyze the performance of competitors.

AdWords Tool: iSpionage

It can be used to quickly analyze and monitor the website by researching the competitive edge of the search marketing landscape. Several clients are using this tool to enhance their SEM and SEO performance. Moreover, the visualization of the journey of PPC buyers, from clicks to conversions, can be done.

AdWords Tool: Keyword Tool

It is best for SEO professionals and content marketers that can be used to find the list of best-performing keywords from platforms like Play Store, YouTube, Twitter, etc., by using the Google Autocomplete tool.

AdWords Tool: SEMrush

This tool provides a comprehensive set of business features that contains the ad builder and PPC keyword tool. This can be used to frame innovative ad ideas using different templates and establish responsive HTML ad campaigns for Google Display Network. Using this PPC keyword tool, we can collect the set of keywords from multiple platforms.

AdWords Tool: KeywordSpy

It is the most trending keyword research platform that can be used to spy on your competitors in the market, and one can research advanced strategies to find hidden, easy-to-rank, and profitable keywords for the growth of the business in a short time.

AdWords Tool: Adbeat

It lets your business ad campaigns work for you by giving them new qualitative life by rolling the advertising strategies that help optimize ad campaigns. Moreover, the analysis and monitoring of competitor ad campaign performance can be done using this excellent tool.

AdWords Tool: WhatRunsWhere

It is the top trending tool in buying media, and it enables users to find a quick choice while developing digital ad campaigns, improving the return on investment (ROI). There is not much ad spend on media buying.

AdWords Tool: The Search Monitor

The competitor’s keywords performance can be obtained by using this tool. Moreover, it gives information through insights about improving bidding on the ad campaigns. It provides a set of keywords that can be added to the ad campaigns and enables the users to get insights into them.

AdWords Tool: AdGooroo

It is one of the best tools to launch competitive analysis over keywords. The study’s outcome will provide a clear picture of identifying where the business brand’s PPC ad campaigns stand in the competitive edge of the search space.


Several factors significantly affect the PPC ad campaign performance, including keyword trends, consumer buying behavior, competitor performance, etc. Using the tools mentioned above effectively would be best to reach your business objectives.

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