50 Artificial Intelligence Marketing Statistics For B2B Advertising for 2023

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Artificial Intelligence poises the future of B2B marketing. Big business brands sometimes fear moving towards marketing automation using AI technology. However, Artificial Intelligence creates business opportunities at the fingertips. AI is the one-person show for transforming B2B sales and marketing. The listed Artificial Intelligence marketing statistics will show the picture of significance. It’s a role in B2B advertising.

In the present digital space, the buzzing word is Artificial Intelligence, which helps to implement effective interaction with the brands or customers, to get well-structured data, etc.

Moreover, businesses can find benefits like cost reduction, revenue growth, effective customer service, ease of brand management, etc., through AI technology in business operations. Also, the investment in hiring a massive expert staff to manage business tasks can be diminished through AI technology.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Statistics For B2B Advertising

1. More than 80% of marketers in both business and technology firms consider AI to increase productivity.

2.23% of businesses adopted AI in processes and products or services.

3. AI integration in businesses helps improve profits by 38%.

4. It is expected that AI in businesses will generate profits is more than $14 trillion in the year 2035.

5. companies with at least 100,000 employees are interested in implementing AI business strategy.

6. More than 47% of mature digital business has a well-defined Artificial Intelligence strategy.

7. More than 63% of businesses seek cost reductions using Artificial Intelligence technology.

8. Businesses may automate 85% of relevant sales tasks by the end of 2020.

9. Almost 61% of organizations identify business opportunities using technology.

10. Integrating AI in business leads to an increase in leads by 50%, shortening the call time by 60 to 70%.

11. It is a prediction that the annual compound growth rate of the Artificial Intelligence market is 55.6%.

12.55% of users are intended to use voice assistants, where AI plays a vital role.

13. More than 22% of users prefer speaking to voice assistants to typing.

14.26% of users are using voice assistants to connect with other devices.

15.39% of users believe they are finding accurate results from voice assistants.

16.83% of businesses say that AI is the top priority in business performance.

17. More than 31% of marketing and IT firms plan to invest more in Artificial Intelligence technology this year.

18.AI and Machine Learning are the only significant data initiatives for 61% of businesses.

19. This year, 27% of organizations will invest in cybersecurity, where AI and Machine Learning are vital.

20.95% of businesses are stating that they are experts in using Big Data to solve business issues and AI technology.

21. It forecasts that 85% of interactions will occur without human involvement by 2023.

22. The incorporation of AI increases productivity by 40%.

23. More than 30% of companies will adopt AI for the business sales process by the end of 2023.

24. Using AI in business improved labor productivity by 40%.

25.71% of business executives consider AI and Machine Learning game changers in digital advertising.

26. AI-based chatbots are handling 25% of the customer services of businesses.

27. To strengthen at least a single sales process, 30% of B2B marketers use AI.

28. The AI automation strategy in the United States may lead to a 10% job loss.

29. More than 28% of top-performing business brands use Artificial Intelligence.

30.71% of B2B marketers use AI to send personalized messages to clients.

31. Almost 59% of B2B marketers are interested in using AI technology to identify prospects.

32.33% of marketers feel that integrating AI in the present workflow is the most significant complication.

33. It is a prediction that by 2025 the wearable Artificial Intelligence market may reach $180 billion.

34. By 2021, the spending on AI technology may reach $57.6 billion globally.

35. IDC reports that more than 75% of commercial enterprises will use AI technology by 2021.

36.72% of businesses consider that AI impacts humans to find meaningful work.

37.59% of executives confirm that using AI in Big Data helps improve the company.

38.36% of executives say they prefer AI to optimize internal business operations that simplify their work.

39. It is a prediction that 85% of AI projects may deliver inaccurate results due to the bias in algorithms, data, and managing teams by 2022.

40.37% of executives consider the AI initiatives an obstacle as the managers cannot understand advanced technologies.

41. Almost 93% of automation technologies are unprepared to tackle intellectual machine technical challenges.

42. As per the opinion of 275 customers, AI delivers better customer service than humans.

43.73% of consumers support businesses using to make their lives easier.

44.43% of millennials are paying a premium for the channel that serves the hybrid human bot customer service.

45.38% of consumers feel that Artificial Intelligence improves customer service.

46. By 2022, the bot interactions success rate in healthcare may reach above 75%.

47. The success of bot interactions rate in banking sectors may cross 90% by 2022, which Juniper predicts.

48. The AI-based chatbots provide 24-hour customer service, which is 64% that no human can do.

49. Chatbots respond to 55% of customer inquiries on time.

50. Artificial Intelligence-based chatbots are answering 55% of customer questions.

Final Remarks

After going through the above statistics, we can find how significant artificial Intelligence is in impacting the future of business growth. If you want to surpass competitors and improve business performance in the market, it is time to integrate AI into your business processes. AI is the only future of B2B sales and marketing. Though it may have some obstacles, the managing team should be strong enough to find fruitful business results using Artificial Intelligence.

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