B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024

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Every year, marketers face new challenges and opportunities for B2B marketing. As we move into 2022, there are a few trends to watch out for. These include the continued growth of video content, the rise of AI-powered marketing tools, and the increasing importance of personalization.

The business world is constantly evolving, and marketing is no exception. As we move into 2022, some trends are to watch out for in B2B marketing. From artificial intelligence to video marketing, these are some of the top tactics likely to take off over the next few years. So if you want to stay ahead of the curve, incorporate these trends into your marketing strategy!

B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024

  • A new generation of CEOs will lead the charge for marketing innovation
  • Increased use of chatbots to handle customer service inquiries, freeing up employees to focus on more critical tasks
  • The rise in demand for personalized marketing messages based on an individual’s data and preferences
  • Marketing teams will expand beyond digital marketing specialists- they’ll include social media managers, content writers, influencers, and SEO experts
  • More companies will be using videos to promote their brands
  • Marketing campaigns will rely on big data and AIto target audiences
  • Connected devices, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, will allow marketers to collect more customer data than ever before
  • The rise of chatbots means that customers can now interact with a company without having to speak to anyone in person- this is especially useful for businesses like airlines or banks
  • Social media will be used in more innovative ways
  • More companies will use video marketing to reach their target audience
  • Companies with a solid social presence are the ones that will thrive
  • Content marketing is becoming more popular than ever before
  • Businesses will start using influencer marketing to build brand awareness
  • Marketing to Millennials will become more and more difficult
  • Social media marketing will be the most popular form of digital marketing
  • More companies will invest in influencer marketing
  • Marketers will spend less time on email and more time on social media for lead generation
  • There’ll be an increase in demand for high-quality content, such as videos or podcasts
  • In 2022, B2B marketing will be about creating a personal connection with your target audience
  • In 2022, B2B marketing will be about being authentic and transparent
  • In 2022, B2B marketing will be about building trust by providing real value to customers
  • Paid marketing will continue to grow in importance
  • Marketers will be more creative and innovative with social media campaigns
  • More marketers will use data and analytics to make decisions about what content to publish and where, as well as how the campaign should run
  • Companies will invest more time into understanding their customers’ needs so they can create relevant, personalized experiences for them
  • The rise of voice-controlled devices will change how we interact with our gadgets
  • Virtual and augmented reality will have a massive impact on the way we shop
  • Artificial intelligence is going to be used in more ways than ever before, from customer service to marketing
  • Social media platforms are going to continue taking over as the number-one source of news
  • The rise of the #millennial
  • The Power of Influencers
  • Social media marketing on steroids
  • Marketing automation, including AI-powered chatbots that can respond to customer queries and requests for information
  • Increased focus on content marketing
  • More video content to engage customers
  • Increased use of AI in customer service and sales interactions
  • Marketing automation will be the norm for most businesses, with only a few exceptions
  • Marketing will become more personalized
  • Consumers will be more informed about their products and demand brand transparency.
  • Companies must make personal connections with their customers to keep them loyal.
  • Marketing teams must take a data-driven approach to market strategies, analyzing customer behavior and preferences at all funnel levels.
  • Marketers will need to be more creative with their content
  • Marketers will have to use social media in a new way, using it as an interactive platform rather than just broadcasting messages
  • Marketing automation platforms will continue to grow and become more sophisticated, making marketing less of a one-person job
  • Companies are going to start focusing on the customer experience rather than just generating leads or sales
  • More companies will be using chatbots to interact with customers
  • Customer experience will become more personalized and tailored to individual needs. Customized marketing messages will replace mass email campaigns
  • Marketing budgets are expected to increase by at least 5%
  • Increasing use of social media
  • More demand for video marketing
  • Rising use of chatbots to answer customer inquiries and automate processes
  • Increased need for personalization in the B2B space
  • More companies will use social media to market their products
  • Marketing messages will be more targeted and personalized
  • Smartphones will replace a lot of the functionality of laptops, tablets, and desktops for many people
  • The marketing industry’s focus on innovation will continue
  • Marketing to the masses is no longer effective
  • Marketers are moving away from mass marketing and towards niche marketing
  • The internet will be more personalized, with your data being used to tailor ads to you
  • Social media will become less popular as people use it less often
  • Marketing automation tools are becoming increasingly important
  • The rise of the customer-centric organization
  • Marketing will be more data-driven and personalized than ever before
  • Marketing teams will be smaller, with marketing managers shifting their focus to measurement and optimization instead of execution
  • As a result, marketing automation will become even more critical for businesses looking to scale marketing activities without hiring additional staff
  • Content marketing will be the essential form of marketing
  • Marketing automation is becoming more popular, and with it comes a new set of challenges for marketers to solve, such as how to automate customer service best
  • The focus on personalization has shifted from one-to-one interactions to one-to-many interactions, and this trend will continue in 2022 with even more emphasis on personalized content and automated messages
  • B2B Marketers will be able to target new customers with AI
  • Marketing teams will focus on customer experience and retention
  • There will be more of a focus on personalization in the future, including personalized emails and videosCustomizedd content is expected to increase by 25% over 2019 numbers
  • The average marketing budget for B2Bs is expected to grow by 10%
  • Increased use of video marketing
  • More focus on customer experience and voice-of-customer research
  • Emphasis on messaging that resonates with customers
  • Greater use of social media to reach target audiences
  • Increased use of AI technology in marketing
  • Marketing teams will become more specialized, with each group focusing on a specific industry or type of customer.
  • More companies will offer services that are bundled together to increase revenue streams.
  • Companies will have to be more creative with their marketing campaigns because of increased competition for attention.


To be on the top of the curve, marketers must always be alert to how business-to-business (B2B) marketing changes. We’ve pinpointed five trends you should know to maintain your competitive edge and take advantage of opportunities. Reach us today if you want to help implement these strategies or need B2B Marketing Consulting expertise!

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