Custom Software Application Development

The usage of apps has increased strategically today in the business. Many companies are focusing on app development for their e-commerce growth. The apps will take the user to the correct destination with the ease of directing to the right and perfect place we want to be

Apps usage has dramatically increased today. Many companies are going towards app development consultants for better results.

There are different types of applications that various companies like Dotndot develop. Such as:

Python and PHP Application Development

PHP development helps provide dynamic websites for small to big businesses for better web presence. The app developers develop the different frameworks that are important to the company. It helps develop rapidly by implementing critical projects, and it is advantageous as it provides high performance at a low cost.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile phone usage has significantly increased, and users are using the internet and accessing information via small screens today.

With this development, the mobile app developer focused on the compatibility of the mobile app, designed the various web browsers, and compressed the images and data to have a better view using the intelligent screens on mobile.

Many e-marketing companies are stepping forward for mobile app development services for their better marketing ways.

Other application development services are:

  • Custom Software Application
  • Python Development
  • PHP Development
  • Product Development
  • iPad application development
  • Angular JS application development
  • Web application development services and maintenance
  • Individual app creation and designing

Custom Software Application Development Company

Application Development Company takes pride in representing its influential company culture. The application development company has a talented team of technical professionals with expertise in the latest mobile and web computing technologies.

Banking on its expertise in this domain, it offers versatile information technology solutions to its esteemed business clients. Its innovative ways of IT services have made it one of the fastest-growing companies in this field. When you entitle your project, the company ensures that your application has the best features and functionalities.

Experience in Application Development

The company has developed a credible rapport with the market facilitators and clients with its unique work culture. Its skilled professionals have good experience in mobile and web application development.

They have been working in this domain for a more extended period. Hence, client businesses are in safe hands. Application Development Company provides its IT services with absolute confidence to protect client data and enterprises.

Expertise and Quality Awareness

The company has been in the Mobile and Web application software development field for an extended time. Its team members have the requisite experiences and technical expertise to match the client’s expectations. It has a good track record of exceeding the expectations of its esteemed clients in application development.

The team members use the top-down approach to identify and solve any issues the clients may encounter in their day-to-day businesses. We strongly adhere to the business values of our esteemed clients throughout the development cycle.

Though the company adheres to quality and walks the extra mile to meet customer requirements, its application development services are affordable.

While developing the applications, the company employees think of problems ahead of time and use the latest technology to solve them. Hence, clients need not to worry about future issues. This will help them save on the money that may be incurred to upgrade the software.

Software Development Consulting & Services

Are you tired of listening to those umpteen complaints from your customers that you don’t have a proper documentation process to get a task done or that your employees are ill-equipped to cater to all of their business needs?

Are you planning to move your entire organization’s data, which is currently in Box Files, into digital ones and replace manual interaction with computer-oriented interaction with the help of software? Or are you a company that already has the software but is perturbed by the vast number of bugs that keep appearing occasionally? If any of these scenarios seem familiar, we have the right solution.

With years of experience in software development, we believe that we have a solution for all your software needs, be it building or updating software.

At DotnDot, we believe that an enriching software experience could be the bridge between your company and your customers to such an extent that it can turn anybody with just a simple query into a potential customer.

The software has been on the market for decades, but never has it been this feasible to build it for even small-scale needs. You no longer have to request quotes from huge MNCs who take ages to develop software and finally leave you with a bitter taste regarding software maintenance such as bug fixes, user support, and even code development.

You can now put all your fears to rest as you have just encountered a powerful company, DotnDot, which specializes in building custom applications and software that will aid product development and be done within a short period, depending on requirements.

With many platforms now available as an end-user, you choose your venue and specifications and leave the rest to us. We will give you a prototype, and once that’s through, we build the application. Simple. Isn’t it? Reach us for all your software needs. You know the address.

Software Application Development Services

DotnDot provides custom software development services to clients in different business fields. No matter whether their business strategies and requirements have been adequately met by packaged software or not, we work closely with them to understand their business objectives and define their software requirements. After careful analysis, our expert business analysts write specifications, and subject matter experts give valuable inputs to help the specifications meet the customer’s expectations.

At the later step, the technical team and software architect will design, develop, test, and integrate the custom software across multiple systems and platforms existing at the client site.

This will include configuring internet, cloud, and disparate systems environments to help the newly developed system function and optimally operate seamlessly across the entire organic habitat at the client site.

Custom Application Development Services

Our custom software development services help clients build and integrate sophisticated business applications and websites with client-server and legacy systems in many environments. We create and deploy robust, scalable, and extensible architectures for various industries.

Our custom application development services include:

  • Business analysis and requirement documentation
  • Feasibility study and requirements analysis
  • Application design, architecture development, and implementation
  • Creation of user interface design, web development, and HTML conversion services
  • Software maintenance and support
  • Systems integration and consolidation
  • Re-engineering, migration, modernization, performance tuning, and porting services
  • Implement an off-the-shelf system and software packages such as SharePoint in various environments.

Our Approach

In the Plan-Build-Manage approach, we assume an entire software development lifecycle. Hence, we take full responsibility from start to finish. Therefore, we undertake the business requirement analysis, specification, design, architecture, implementation, testing, and system integration with other systems.

  • Plan – DotnDot provides expertise and experience in the domain, industry vertical, business process automation, process and change management, customized software development, and architecture design. Using expertise from these fields, we recommend a technology solution to meet the client’s business objectives and criteria for success.
  • Build – Invoke offers custom software development, design, implementation, independent testing, and integration services to deliver a rapidly scalable and highly flexible architecture aligned with the client’s business objectives. People, processes, and technology issues were thoroughly addressed to successfully implement the custom software solution at the client site.
  • Manage – DotnDot develops all the custom software applications with post-implementation issues in mind. Through these services, we ensure that the new architecture is based on strict quality standards to enable cost-effective operations. The company can provide the post-implementation management of custom applications to allow the solution to evolve with our clients’ emerging business needs.

Open Source Application Development

Software or application development has undergone a paradigm shift with the introduction of the open-source community concept. The codes for the application developed using this concept are available for the public to use.

The source codes for the applications have been made available to the public under the open-source license policy. The users can change or improve their design to make the apps useful for the general public.

Examples of popular open-source applications include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Android, and the Apache OpenOffice Suite.

Organization of Open Source Development

During earlier times, the application development in the open-source field was relatively unstructured, with everybody contributing. Sometimes, there used to be redundancy in the story. Moreover, no precise development tools or management systems were used to monitor the progress.

Instead, each project had its phases. More recently, there has been progress in that. Hence, we can see better coordination and communication within the open-source community.

Open Source Development Approach

Open-source software development can be achieved through different methods—various methods are discussed below.

  • An individual who senses the need for a project intimates the same in public. The individual may receive offers of help from others. Based on the response, a group may be formed. After assigning a specific task to each group member, the group may work on the code.
  • A developer working on the codebase releases it to the public as the first version of an open-source program. The developer continues to work on improving it. Possibly, others join him with their inputs or suggestions. After a brief discussion, they may join with him to improve the code,
  • The source code of a mature project is released to the public after being developed as proprietary software.
  • An interested outside party can branch out a well-established open-source project. Several developers can start a new project whose source code diverges from the original based on the needs felt.

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