eCommerce Marketing Consulting

eCommerce Marketing: Social media has become the new normal of everyone’s life, where an average person spends 2 hours dedicatedly on social apps daily. If an individual continues at this rate, he will spend five years and four months of his entire life on social media.

This data is shocking, but that’s how the mechanism of social media works nowadays. We all love to stay glued to social apps to connect with family and friends, the latest events, and brands.

However, one thing we ignore entirely on social media is a great sales pitch while promoting a product or service. To promote a product or service on social media, you will need engaging and informative sales pitches that can double your eCommerce sales.

On the other hand, a sales pitch that only talks about product promotion will be ignored by your friends as that will put the message in the wrong way.

We are here to help you establish the right message tone for promoting your eCommerce products and increase your sales without acting too far.

eCommerce Marketing Services

Generally, people relate e-commerce with the online purchase of goods and services. Nevertheless, there is a specific way of looking at e-commerce sales by targeting the respective category under which the acquisition occurred.

It is noted that there are six types of e-commerce categories – Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B), Consumer-to-Business (C2B), Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C), Consumer-to-Administration (C2A) and Business-to-Administration (B2A), wherein, each of the categories addresses different purchasing process.

EE-commerce marketing is the part of digital marketing that uses several promotional strategies to increase traffic to your online store and convert the traffic to paying customers.

It is also part of the promotional plan to retain those customers post-purchase and build relations with them for future sales. An integrated digital marketing strategy can help you establish the right brand message and build brand awareness, eventually driving loyal customers to your store.

As a result, the online sales of your product and service will increase. We are here to help you improve your online sales through our integrated eCommerce Marketing Services. You can use our services to drive more traffic and convert leads to prospective buyers.

eCommerce Advertising Services

E-commerce advertising is the art of creating and positioning paid Ad content on offline and online properties. The online properties for placing the respective Ad content include a search engine, website, podcast, social media network, and newsletters.

The other interactive properties for placing the paid content may include instant or chat-messaging platforms. We are known in the digital marketing industry for offering reliable and productive eCommerce Advertising Services that can help your product reach the target audience.

eCommerce and Digital Strategy

Suppose you run an eCommerce Business and want to grow your brand. In that case, you will need a thorough and integrated e-commerce Marketing Strategy to attract new customers to your online store and retain the old customers simultaneously.

We are here with a holistic and industry-driven eCommerce and Digital Strategy that can help you drive more traffic to your store and build trust with your customers.

If you want to increase your sales and regain the lost sales, vouch for our eCommerce marketing services.

ECommerce Website Consulting

In a broader term, ECommerce is known as internet commerce or electronic commerce. To understand it more simply, eCommerce points towards the selling and purchasing of goods or services through online mediums.

To execute these sales and purchases of services or goods, the help of online data and transactions is taken. We have rich experience offering one-of-a-kind eCommerce Website Consulting Services based on the latest market trends.

eCommerce SEO Consulting

One of the proven and best eCommerce SEO strategies includes Keyword Research, which involves finding the keywords or queries customers type on search engines while searching for something.

Therefore, you need to build your site architecture according to keyword research findings. The other best eCommerce SEO hack is On-Page SEO through content and Meta tags optimization.

One primary eCommerce SEO strategy includes Technical SEO, which is needed to ensure search engines can index your site content in an efficient, high-end, and digitally proven eCommerce SEO Consulting service based on real customer-behavior insights.

How to Choose an E-commerce Consultant

It has become the need of the hour to hire an experienced and expert eCommerce Consultant who can take your business to the heights of growth. To sell online through an eCommerce store, simply showcasing items on display will not help at all.

Many systems and strategies must be planned thoroughly to drive online sales and make an online store thrive in the long run.

Therefore, it becomes essential to find and avail the services of a consultant who knows how to grow an eCommerce business. How to Choose an eCommerce Consultant?

  • Ask around for referrals
  • .Look and analyze their respective services
  • Check their service plans and pricing
  • Go through their case studies and work portfolio
  • Ask them about their e-commerce experience
  • Check the clients’ testimonials and feedback
  • Ask them about their experience with clients
  • Get a thorough understanding of the company policies and work ethics

We are here to help you through result-oriented eCommerce Marketing Services.

What Is an E-commerce Marketing Consultant?

An eCommerce Marketing Consultant is the one who analyses your online business and frames the best-suited eCommerce plan accordingly.

The consultant then helps market the plan and tracks the progress at every step. The consultant also must adjust the program based on the tracking progress report and achieve the desired goals.

What Does an E-commerce Marketing Consultant Do?

An eCommerce Marketing Consultant is a digital marketing expert who evaluates and analyzes the prevailing marketing efforts and provides feedback for improvements in the respective work areas.

The consultant also plans and implements integrated marketing campaigns along with social media marketing to achieve the desired goals.

The eCommerce consultant also works with other marketers and trains them on the prevailing and trending practices regarding updated content suggestions, consumer research methodology, and marketing workflows. The critical areas of work of a consultant revolve around the following:

  • Bridging the gap between influencers and bloggers
  • Promotional campaigns and contests for engagement purposes
  • Creation of product-based videos for awareness
  • Focus on user-generated content plan
  • Optimization of social posts on Instagram and Pinterest


It will be tedious to filter and segment people’s main types of digital marketing plans, as every marketing activity is occurring online nowadays. For instance, let’s take the example of eCommerce Marketing – What is eCommerce Marketing and compare it with content practices on search engines, email marketing, and social media? Digital Marketing and E-commerce Marketing go hand-in-hand; they constitute two crucial factors of the same integrated marketing plan. Therefore, eCommerce businesses can leverage the potential of these digital channels and mediums to promote their product and grow online revenue.

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