Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

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Email marketing is an effective method to reach your audience, despite all the new platforms and technologies. But what trends can you expect in email marketing over the next few years? Here are the most significant ones to watch out for.

As we race toward 2023, it’s time to look at the latest email marketing trends expected to dominate the scene. While some may seem familiar, others are likely to surprise you.

Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

  • Personalized emails will become more popular.
  • Email marketing will be a primary source of lead generation for businesses
  • More email subscribers will unsubscribe from your list than you’ll gain new ones, but the average number of opens and clicks on each email will increase
  • There’s still a lot of room for growth in mobile email marketing, but it won’t grow as quickly as desktop or tablet-based campaigns
  • Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are going to continue to push their own branded messaging apps
  • Email marketing will continue to grow
  • More marketers will use email automation to follow up with leads and customers.
  • The number of emails sent per person per day is expected to increase by 25% in 2023, which means the average inbox size will be about 1,000 emails.
  • Marketing professionals are expected to spend more time on email campaigns than any other type of digital marketing campaign.
  • Email marketing will be the most popular digital channel by 2023
  • The number of people who unsubscribe from email lists will continue to rise, and marketers will need to find new ways
  • Consumers will want more personalization in emails- for example; they may wish for a different message based on what they bought or where they live
  • Email providers like Gmail and Outlook are rolling out features that allow users to customize their inboxes and limit the number of ads displayed in their inboxes
  • An email will continue to be the most popular form of digital marketing
  • The use of image-heavy, personalized emails will increase
  • Marketers are expected to spend more on email automation tools and services
  • Customized content in newsletter templates is predicted to become increasingly sophisticated with the addition of new features, including videos or interactive elements
  • Automation
  • Personalization
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Influencer marketing
  • Voice-activated devices
  • Email is not dead- it’s still the most popular form of digital marketing
  • More companies are using email to offer personalized content and products based on customer preferences
  • Mobile subscriptions will continue to grow, with more people viewing their emails on a mobile device
  • Brands will use AI chatbots for automated customer service in place of live agents
  • Email Marketing will be the most used digital marketing channel in 2023
  • There will be a rise in email automation and A/B testing
  • The average open rate for an email is expected to decline from 18% to 15% by 2023
  • Personalization and segmentation of emails will increase as companies try to make their messages more relevant
  • Email marketing will be the most effective channel for digital marketers
  • Personalization and relevance will be critical to email success
  • Emails that are personalized by using data from customers’ previous interactions with a brand, such as purchase history or items viewed in an online store, have been shown to increase customer engagement rates by up to 40%
  • In 2023, marketers will use AI technology for the personalization and segmentation of their email campaigns
  • The average open rate for emails is 20%, but it can vary depending on the industry- retail has an 18% available rate, e while finance has a 26% available rate
  • Email Marketing will be the primary marketing strategy for most businesses
  • More and more people will be using email as their only form of communication with friends and family, so it’s essential to make sure your emails are relevant and personalized
  • The number of spam messages in our inboxes is expected to increase by 2023, which means we’ll need better ways to filter out what we want from what we don’t
  • It’s predicted that the average person will have over 100 different email accounts by 2023, all with other purposes
  • Email marketing will become more personalized and targeted
  • The number of emails sent per day will increase significantly
  • Emails will be designed to look like push notifications on mobile devices, customized email templates for each customer segment with automated content generation based on user data (e.g., browsing history)
  • New features such as video, augmented reality, and chatbots.
  • More email marketing tools and features
  • Increased use of chatbots for customer service
  • A shift from data-driven to AI-driven decision making
  • Email marketing will become more personalized
  • Marketing emails will be more interactive
  • Marketers will use artificial intelligence to interact with customer data to create customized offers and content for each customer or target audience segment.
  • Personalization of email content is likely to increase. Still, marketers are expected to balance the benefits of personalization with the risk that customers may not want their inboxes cluttered with irrelevant emails.
  • There’s no reason why email should stop being a profitable channel in 2023
  • Open rates are expected to decrease
  • Email frequency is expected to increase
  • Personalization will become more critical than ever before
  • Mobile email use will continue to grow, with over 50% of emails being opened on a mobile device by 2023Emaill will continue to be a key channel for marketers
  • Brands will focus on optimizing email content for mobile devices
  • There will be an increase in personalized emails that are tailored to individual customers’ preferences and interests
  • Personalization of messages through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to grow as AI becomes more sophisticated, accurate, and affordable
  • As email continues to evolve into a one-to-one marketing tool, brands are expected to invest in strategic partnerships with other companies
  • More marketers will be turning to email marketing as the preferred channel for customer engagement
  • It is predicted that by 2023, an email will account for 87% of all marketing messages sent and received
  • Email content will become more personalized and targeted toward individual recipients’ interests
  • The use of mobile devices in conjunction with desktop browsers to access emails on a company’s website, such as Gmail or Outlook Online, is expected to increase exponentially
  • Email marketing will become a more popular way to advertise
  • More people will use email on mobile devices, which means faster load times and less clutter on the screen
  • The average number of emails sent per day is expected to increase by 10% in 2023
  • People with higher incomes are expected to spend more time reading through their inboxes
  • Email marketing will be more personalized and targeted
  • More companies will use email to promote their products or services
  • There will be a greater emphasis on lead generation, including using emails to collect contact information from prospects for future sales campaigns
  • The average open rate is expected to rise from 28% in 2017 to 40% by 2023
  • The growth of email marketing will slow down
  • Personalized emails will become more common, with the customer’s name appearing in the subject line.
  • With increased competition for customers’ attention, businesses are expected to produce more personalized content for their subscribers.
  • Email marketing is predicted to overtake social media as a preferred way for brands to communicate with customers.
  • Email marketing will continue to be vital to any digital marketing strategy.
  • The number of emails sent daily is expected to increase as spam filters become more sophisticated.
  • Social media platforms will continue to dominate email communication, but email will still have a place in the social media environment.
  • Personalization and customization will beessntialessentialessentialy because consumers want brands that talk directly about their needs and desires.
  • Email marketing will be more personalized.
  • Personalization in email is expected to increase by 20%
  • The use of video content in emails will increase by 30%
  • Email marketers are expected to spend less on Facebook ads and more on Google Adwords, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram ads, and Snapchat Ads
  • Companies with a high response rate are expected to see an average of 5-10x ROI.


Email marketing is a powerful tool, but it can be challenging to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Luckily, plenty of email marketers offer consulting services and advice on how to stay ahead of competitors. If you’re looking to learn how we help businesses make effective use of their time by leveraging our expertise as an email marketing agency, contact us today!

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