Instagram IGTV: 50 Powerful IGTV Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2024

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Instagram is the #1 trending marketing platform to promote the business at a million real-time audiences. The launch of the IGTV feature has let companies find the most in reaching the target audience through creating an extended length of video content. Here are the fantastic IGTV tips that help in building active audience engagement.

Instagram IGTV Tips

1. Deliver exclusive video content:

Reshare the video content to IGTV and upload it on YouTube and other social media platforms.

2. Drive continuous engagement of the audience:

While watching the video on IGTV, the audience can make live comments and respond to continuous audience engagement.

3. Add videos with muted viewing:

Most of the audience prefers to watch the video in a muted way where it can find the attention of an engaged audience.

4. Hashtags for the video:

Adding hashtags to the video content of IGTV finds better engagement as they are famous figures on Instagram.

5. Proper usage of Hashtags:

Giving hashtags is not enough to reach your target audience; professionally presenting hashtags can improve growth.

6. Target young adults:

Instagram is only meant for youngsters who are the future sales of any business. Deploy the content that finds the audience’s attention on IGTV.

7. Sponsored content on Instagram:

Let your business website be one of the sponsored content on Instagram that lets the audience visit your profile along with IGTV videos.

8. Usage of Instagram stories:

The trending ambassador of Instagram advertising is Instagram Stories which can drive a massive audience to a particular website.

9. Find an illustrator:

We all know that Instagram is the visual channel where the audience is most excited about finding new and fresh content.

10. Broadcast employee profiles:

Make sure to shoot the employees in your company probably from their desks, meetings or break times, etc., and present them on your IGTV.

11. Get the involvement of customers:

Let the customers be involved in your videos to define their excellent experience with your products or services.

12. Write better titles:

Though Instagram is a visual platform, the video content title is vital in attracting the audience.

13. Tie multiple Instagram accounts:

Try to immerse several Instagram accounts to manage your business.

14. Give a call to action:

Adding a call to action can help you let your audience participate in your business activity.

15. Commenting on other posts:

To find the attention of others, comment on their video content and pull those audiences to your account.

16. Partner with trending businesses:

Collaborate with companies that are effective in engaging the audience.

17. Garnish your photography skills:

I was filming the video and never reached the targeted audience. Try to inherit the professional photography skills that change your IGTV appearance entirely.

18. Give hyperlinks:

The added benefit of IGTV is that you can add hyperlinks in the video description.

19. Tag other Instagram accounts:

Tag the other Instagram accounts of relevant niches, which helps it rank higher in the Instagram algorithm.

20. High-quality content:

The immersion of high-quality video content can better drive massive traffic.

21. Eye-catching Template:

Design the most useful templates that can grab the audience’s attention.

22. Start polls over stories:

Establish fun creating stories where you can find colossal audience engagement.

23. IGTV analytics:

To find growth strategies, keep analyzing the IGTV video analytics, like comments, views, likes, shares, etc.

24. Best posting time:

Upload the IGTV videos when so your content can find a massive audience.

25. Regular upload:

Uploading the content might have more chances to hold your audience’s attention.

26. Partner with Instagram influencers:

Influencers are the trending source for businesses to find the best performance results.

27. Story segmentations:

Make your IGTV video into segmentations and upload them as the story.

28. Get feedback:

The hearts and comments can help you find your audience’s feedback about your content performance.

29. Engage followers on Instagram:

Find the audience following other businesses of the same niche and follow them.

30. Building a strong brand:

Focus on significant areas like profile building and regular communication with your followers.

31. User-generated content:

The most effective strategy for finding IGTV engagement is delivering user-generated content.

32. Win Instagram through SEO:

The most effective area of your Instagram account is your profile name, which significantly impacts displaying your profile to a million audiences.

33. Add links in Instagram stories:

Keep adding the links on Instagram stories to find your audience better.

34. Promote Instagram on social media accounts:

Try to promote your Instagram profile on other trending social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

35. Follow trends:

Analyze trending concepts on Instagram and create them.

36. Create more video content:

Create more video content in creative ways to attract your audience.

37. Provide vouchers:

Offer gift vouchers to your Instagram audience that builds massive audience engagement.

38. Create a series:

The series on IGTV can be the best-performing strategy that pulls the audience to watch more content.

39. Micro-influencers:

The micro-influencers play a vital role in finding the relevant audience that holds the engagement.

40. Post videos on Instagram feed:

Sharing video content on Instagram feeds can help drive followers’ traffic and new audiences.

41. Try short titles:

The short captions will always find the audience engagement that improves business performance.

42. Behind the scenes:

Create videos behind-the-scenes that create excitement while watching.

43. Ask the new audience to follow the following:

Try to ask your video viewers to follow your Instagram profile. That helps in finding a new audience.

44. Build product reviews:

Launch product reviews on IGTV that let your followers know everything about your business.

45. Monitor your followers:

Constantly monitor your followers and create content that finds a stable follower base.

46. Ask your followers to share:

Remind your Instagram followers to share your content with their friends and family.

47. Share other content on your profiles:

The activity of sharing other content on your profile can help in building the fan base.

48. Use practical Instagram tools:

Use advanced Instagram tools and techniques to help create the most innovative videos.

49. Steal competitor followers:

Please pay attention to the competitor’s profile, and make strategies to attract followers.

50. Share the preview:

Increase the views by creating previews of the video content.

Final words

The IGTV mentioned above tips are the best ways to find new followers and improve performance. Through these strategies, you can see likes, views, and comments, which lets you build better IGTV marketing methods.

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