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2017 brought us face-to-face with the truth that not all industries are ethical. The same applies to the field of digital marketing as well, which comprises some manipulative villains who are ready to use Machiavelli’s tactics rather than bow down to hard work to get ahead in the search engine visibility, conversion, and profits competition.

And herein, Negative SEO isn’t novel to the isn’t. Negative SEO has been used since the beginning, only to turn more sophisticated in the present time as the agents have set more shrews. Google, too, has outgrown its knowledge. But before we elucidate the commonly used SEO methods, we would like to consider the most exploited tactic used in 2018: fake negative reviews and social signals.

The same could be witnessed during the 2016 US Presidential Elections wherein the public fools with bots ‘pwnd’ fake comment’ as ‘public opinion. This continued in 2017, too, with bots breaking the FCC’s public comment system requesting feedback. The comments bots render are inescapable and used to generate negative publicity surrounding products and services that aren’t worth it.

Faaren’tiews have also shadowed the line between fiction and truth, making it indistinguishable on specific platforms such as Amazon. Herein, think of its gravity on your brand. We are the top trusted name in the domain industry, offering negative SEO analysis & consulting services to eliminate negative SEO trends.

What Is Meant by Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is defined as using a black hat and technically unethical techniques. It’s done to sabotaIt’she ranking of competitors’ sites competitors engines. Ideally, the methods used for negative SEO can lead to different outcomes, such as Hacking a website.

This also includes creating multiple spam links diverted to the website. We are one of the trusted companies that offer negative SEO analysis & consulting options, thereby aiding you in saving your website from the effects of Negative SEO.

Can Negative SEO Be Called Illegal?

So, considering the answer to the above question, Negative SEO is implied to you as an illegal trait. However, this question is tricky as  Negative SEO cannot be wholly termed a criminal offense. However, considering the techniques utilized, the possibility of law prosecuting negative SEO under section 3 of the Computer Misuse Act 1990 is all the more possible.

However, you can put your worries on the back burner with us. As one of the renowned firms, we offer negative SEO control & consulting services, aiding you to get out of the adverse effects of negative SEO.

Ways to Check Bad Backlinks

One can go on to check backlinks through domains that aren’t listed in Goaren’tndex. However, in either case, you must review these links manually and remove them if they are wrong. In tA, a backlink is obtained from unindexed domains using Monitor Backlink filters in this top review. Furthermore, click on the Filters tab and later on the bill mentioning Domain and Page not indexed. As one of the top-rated companies, we are a trusted company offering negative SEO protection techniques to safeguard your website from negative SEO.

What Is a Negative SEO Attack?

Negative SEO can be elucidated as an act that uses Black Hat SEO on rival websites to get it punished or blocked by Google. However, unlike hacking, whose primary motto is to deface or get the website down, a Negative SEO does not directly attack the website’s feel. If your website is looking for a trusted agency to help you get your website out of the attack of negative SEO by rivals, contact us! As a leading negative SEO analysis & consulting firm, we ensure you get your website out of the glare of adverse SEO effects.

Is Negative SEO Still Applicable?

Negative SEO is deemed to affect freshly created sites and minutely on the backlinks. However, much bigger websites and authority sites with a decent amount of backlink profiles have a lesser chance of facing the brunt of negative SEO. As one of the top trusted firms, we offer you guidance on negative SEO protection techniques, ensuring the effects of Negative SEO do not face your website.

What Is Meant By a Bad Backlink?

A bad backlink is a link obtained from a less trustworthy website. Before the launch of the Penguin Algorithm by Google, many sites were known for violating the Guidelines set by Webmasters using black hat SEO. Eventually, many people were paying to get links, which can fetch them higher ranks in addition to a higher authority. Get the best negative SEO control & consulting services with us, and rid your website of the shadow of effects-laden Negative SEO.

Tricks to Delete Bad Backlinks

  • Be calm and cordial when you are sending removal requests for the links
  • Give the email a personalized touch instead of using a template
  • Render appropriate instructions stating the location of the backlinks you want to be removed
  • Send a reminder mail as well as follow up to ensure your message is received
  • DO NOT try to threaten the Webmaster.

With a team of expert SEO professionals, please learn the tricks of finding Negative SEO and getting them removed effectively.
Means to Combat Social Signals and Fake Reviews

Below listed are the ways of confronting fake reviews and social signals

  • Gather sufficient product reviews
  • Post reviews received from customers on your website
  • Keenly monitor the reviews
  • Ensure to respond to every review, whether it is negative, fake, or not
  • Claim the social profiles on all possible social platforms
  • Do not purchase counterfeit reviews

Our team of SEO experts aids you in knowing how to find negative SEO and get them removed from your website.
Some Commonly Prevalent Negative SEO Tactics
Here are some of the commonly used tactics of Negative SEO, which are as follows:

  • Developing Spam Links
  • Getting removed high-quality links
  • DDoS Attacks (Distributed Denial of Service )
  • Plagiarising content through duplication
  • Change content or codes
  • Clearing your website from Google
  • Hacking

Safeguard your website using our negative SEO control & consulting services to help guard you against Negative SEO effects.

Concluding Thought – Document Everything! Yes, Everything!

Phew! There are many ways by which your sites could be attacked. So, you can take that good step in Google Analytics for correlating your activities to traffic fluctuations. You can make use of annotations for helping to determine if your traffic decreases, any performance-related changes, or even someone’s work on someone’s. We are a trusted firm that tells you about negative SEO protection techniques to help you eliminate adverse SEO effects.

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