Podcast Marketing: 50 Best Tools To Help Market Your Podcasts

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You might have gone through several resources to find the amazing podcast marketing tools to speed up the performance of your business growth. You may be tired of digging the tools in multiple ways. You still may be curious to find the best that drives dam sure results for your business through podcasts. Am I right? Of course, everyone, as the marketer, is only intended to find the right and relevant tool. Here is the list of #1 podcast marketing tools that every marketer should know.

Podcast Marketing: Best Tools To Help Market Your Podcasts


When you are intended to maintain the most reliable podcast data, this is one of the best tools for advertisers and publishers.


When you are adopted to use this tool, your audience can easily send the voicemails to you when the feedback of your audience matters most.

3.Email List:

The launch of email lists lets you establish a connection with your audience by sending emails.


By using this excellent Auphonic podcast tool, you can eliminate the noise in the background frequently appears in your audio recording.


With the help of Libsyn, one can publish their podcast on any channels that they are looking for, and this is where they are creating and managing the app for the show.


This is one of the top trending podcast tools in the creation of the most engaging podcasts and hosting unlimited podcasts at no cost.


The businesses can track and analyze the performance of the marketing platforms that drive tremendous listener growth.


The expansion of your data and also downloading the information, especially for the future business growth analysis can be done by using this tool.


This tool will let you identify the podcast analytics that is unique through the immersion of its podcast tracking technology.


This tool provides a number of most advanced analytics that can support you in tracking and monitoring your performance progress.


You can even more understand your audience with the help of the podcast statistics provided by the Blubrry.


It is only intended for hosting and analytics fetcher through which you can gather real-time data, especially about the unique podcast downloads.


The most unique and useful insights of your podcast listeners can be traced by using this excellent podcast hosting and analytics tool.


Over this tool, you can upload the podcast episodes for free of cost, and you can obtain the analytics to know the performance.


By using Skype, one can record both the video and audio at a time in the program.


Zoom is another best free option through which one can record in the program itself.


To offers the excellent sound quality through which you can add the higher quality sound to the interviews of your choice.


It is the most simpler podcast recording tool, and it can be accessed by setting up a call.

19.Pro Tools:

By using this excellent tool, anyone can record, mix, and edit the number of audio tracks.


It is the most advanced editing, mixing, and recording software that offers high-quality recordings.

21.Logic Pro:

It offers the easy to use UI through which one can record the high-quality programs.


With the help of this tool, you can record the remote interviews simply, and you can record the video and audio, which can be posted to YouTube.

23.Adobe Audition:

It is the audio editing tool through which you can create, mix, record, restore, and edit the audio content with high-quality sounds.


You can edit your podcast by using the free tool with the help of easy to use UI, and this enables you to make lots of cuts as it is a simple program.

25.Garage Band:

The beginners can make use of this tool to edit the program that includes features like cut, copy, paste and volume level-ups, etc.


It is the best hosting platform that lets your podcast listed on all the top directories of podcasts that include Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.


It is the hosting platform which helps you to publish the podcast on audience interested platforms and apps to find the enormous traffic.


This is one of the #1 platforms which offers the link that enables you to connect your business podcast on trending platforms.

29.Pod Hunt:

It is the curation and podcast discovery platform that can be used to trace the best episodes and enables you to engage with the listeners.


This tool allows you to add the subscription to your business podcasts that work as the alternative to the sponsored ads.


You can record high-quality audio through the podcast hosts with the help of this remote interview service.


One can easily edit the podcasts by using the updated versions of podcast studio.


This is one of the best performing podcast tools which can be used to create the automatic video teasers for the business podcasts.

34.Video sound bites:

If you are intended in the creation of audio content, then by using this channel, you can build one and upload it on the official platforms.

35.Elevator pitch:

Plan, strategize and design the podcast that can attain the audience’s attention by using this tool through which you can find the brand reputation.


You can add the music to your podcasts with the help of SoundCloud, and also the podcasts of spoken words be accepted.


With the help of this tool, any business brand can build a strong 10,000 members podcast community over Facebook social media platform.


The simple scheduling with no involvement in the integration of the calendars over the multiple platforms can be done.


If you are intended to interview multiple numbers of persons at a time on the podcast, you can use this amazing tool.


If you wish to add the studio-quality sound to your podcast program at the lower price, then this is the best choice.


You can remove the background noise that is made available with the editing features of this tool.


Through the algorithm provided by it, you can upload the audio files, can do static removal and along with the encoding.

43.Garage Band:

Through this tool, you can edit the audio of your podcasts, compose the music, and make it accessible to all.


By using this podcast tool, you can split the audio into blocks that allow you to add the different transcriptions that work.


It is the best option, especially for those who are waiting for longer for the delivery can choose this tool as the best option where the rate begins at 80 cents for each audio minute.


You can all types of modifications to your audio and video files where the creation of a program is only intended for social media distribution.


If you want to turn the audio clips into the video, then you can use this platform to add emojis, animated gifs, links, etc.


You can go ahead of using this tool to record your podcast audio with no background noise, and it also offers a free calling option.


You can share the ideas, work on podcasts through a brainstorming strategy with the help of a collaborative approach offered by this tool.


It is the email marketing platform through which you can connect with the audience that is interested in listening to your podcasts.

Wrap Up

The above listed are the best performing podcast tools to market your business through the immersion of useful optimization features that each device offers. These tools help in improving the audience engagement that you are looking for.

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