Top WordPress SEO and Web Development Trends for 2024

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Google will be the dominant search engine by 2024, and several web development trends will impact SEO in the coming years. What will be your strategy for succeeding in this changing environment? Read more to find out!

WordPress SEO and Web Development trends for 2024 can be a little overwhelming. With many new developments every day, it’s hard to keep up with what is happening. Luckily, we’ve broken some of the most significant changes you need to know about now to stay ahead of the curve!

It’s 2024, and we’ve been looking back on the last five years of WordPress SEO and web development trends. Here are some of our top takeaways from what we’ve seen:

In 2021, Google introduced an advanced “Search by Image” feature, which allowed users to search for images using their image as a query.

In 2020, Bing released an update that made it easier for users to find information about businesses in their area with local search results.

In 2019, Twitter started rolling out its newest algorithm to combat misinformation on the platform by decreasing the visibility of Tweets that are shared more frequently or have greater reach than other content. This is still being rolled out to all users but will be available soon!

The web has changed a lot in the past few years. The first thing that changes is how people search for something online, and then the technology behind it evolves to keep up with those changes. Our last blog post talked about the top SEO and Web Development trends for 2024!

Top WordPress Web Development Trends for 2024

  • WordPress will be the most popular CMS in 2024
  • Personalization will be a key trend, with more and more people wanting their sites to reflect who they are
  • More sites will use video to communicate information or tell stories.
  • The mobile web is increasing- it’s predicted that by 2024 5% of all traffic on the Internet will be from mobiles.
  • WordPress will be used more for e-commerce.
  • Businesses will have a website that is mobile responsive
  • Websites are going to use artificial intelligence to engage visitors better
  • People who want their site translated into multiple languages can do so with the click of a button
  • More responsive web design
  • Mobile-first approach to development
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) will be more common in the coming years
  • This is not a trend, but it’s important to mention that WordPress 5 will have Gutenberg as its default content editor
  • WordPress will continue to grow in popularity because it’s easy to use and inexpensive
  • The number of plugins available for WordPress will increase, which means more functionality
  • More people are using the Gutenberg editor, which is more accessible than the old TinyMCE editor
  • There will be a rise in streaming services that allow you to watch TV shows while they’re airing live on your computer or mobile device
  • The rise of WordPress as the go-to CMS
  • Increased use of AI for website maintenance and optimization
  • More businesses are using WordPress to create mobile apps
  • Longer, more engaging content will be optimized for social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • A shift in focus away from SEO (search engine optimization) towards SEM (social media engagement marketing)
  • Themes and plugins will become more powerful
  • Websites will be optimized for mobile devices
  • Online stores on WordPress sites will grow in popularity
  • WordPress will continue to grow rapidly
  • More businesses will start using WordPress as their website platform
  • The open-source nature of the forum will make it even more popular with developers and designers
  • The number of plugins for WordPress is expected to increase by 10% in 2024, which will make it simple for people to customize their websites without having any coding experience
  • There are also many new features coming out that are being developed specifically for small business owners
  • WordPress is becoming more popular for e-commerce websites
  • Themes are being made with responsive design in mind, meaning they will work on any device
  • Plugins are being developed to make it easier for users to create their theme or plugin
  • WordPress’s popularity has led to an increase in the number of plugins and themes available
  • There is a growing need for security plugins that can protect against hackers
  • Custom post-type development
  • WordPress REST API integration
  • Gutenberg development for better content management and editing
  • Theming with Bootstrap or Foundation to create a responsive design that works on all devices
  • Developing custom plugins to work alongside the other features of your site
  • Top WordPress SEO Trends for 2024
  • WordPress will be the most popular CMS, with over 60% market share
  • The term “SEO” will no longer refer only to on-site optimization but rather to a broader set of factors, including social media, user experience, and usability
  • SEO professionals will need an understanding of design principles as well as HTML/CSS coding to create websites that are both search engine optimized and visually appealing
  • There will be more emphasis on creating content for specific verticals such as health care, finance, automotive, etc., which can help give your site better visibility within those categories
  • Use a plugin that will automatically optimize your site for search engines
  • Create posts with titles and keywords in the title tags, headings, and content
  • Write blog posts about topics related to your niche
  • Please include links to other relevant articles on your website or within the post itself
  • Add an RSS feed so people can subscribe to new content from you easily
  • Check out Google’s Search Console for tips on how to improve SEO performance
  • WordPress themes and plugins will become easier to customize
  • More companies are investing in website design to increase customer conversion rates
  • SEO experts are shifting towards quality over quantity when it comes to link-building strategies
  • More businesses will be using WordPress for their website, as it is easier to use than other content management systems
  • There will be an increase in the number of plugins that help optimize websites for search engines- this includes SEO plugins and social media plugins
  • More people will start publishing blog posts with videos or podcasts attached to them; they’ll also publish more multimedia content on their blogs instead of just text posts
  • People who want to make money blogging can monetize their sites by running ads through Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, or affiliate marketing networks like Commission Junction
  • Include a “read more” button on posts with long titles to give readers the choice of reading or not
  • Make sure all images are optimized for SEO by including alt tags and captions
  • Use keyword density tools to make sure you’re using enough keywords without overdoing it
  • Write content that is relevant to your audience’s needs but also includes keywords that will help them find you online
  • Create an author page on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc., so people can easily connect with you through their favorite mediums.

Top WordPress Design Trends for 2024

  • More focus on the homepage
  • A shift from static to dynamic design, where content is constantly updated and changes based on what the user wants to see
  • Consolidation of trends into a single site- meaning that while there will still be some variation between sites, they’ll all have one or two significant trends in common
  • Redesigns with an emphasis on simplicity and minimalism
  • Clean, minimalist design
  • Big, bold typography
  • A clean and straightforward layout with a focus on the content
  • Light and airy colors
  • More calming color schemes to reduce stress levels
  • A more minimalistic approach with less clutter on the page
  • Increased use of animation, video, and GIFs for a modern look
  • More focus on images and photography rather than text-heavy content
  • The use of responsive design
  • The incorporation of video and animation into the site’s look and feel
  • A focus on a single product or service rather than multiple products or services
  • Websites with a clean, minimalistic aesthetic.


As the Internet becomes more personalized, we’ve witnessed a rise in websites geared towards individualized content. With this new trend of personalization come some challenges for website builders. How can you make sure your site is tailored to each unique visitor?

What practical ways can you optimize posts or pages based on what that person has read? We’ve compiled our thoughts on these top WordPress SEO and Web Development Trends for 2024. Ready to get started building your optimized website? Contact us today!

We’ve compiled a list of the most exciting WordPress SEO and Web Development Trends for 2024. Our team is opted to stay on top of these changes, so you can avoid the pitfalls of being stuck in your old ways. Take a look at our predictions below and contact us if any of them resonate with you or sound like they could be good for your company’s bottom line!

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