Web Development

Your Website is the Gateway to Your Business.

The website is a showcase for your business, which should be designed carefully to attract your potential customers. Good design enhances your site’s message, helps visitors find what they’re looking for, and determines how the rest of the world sees your website. Making a website can make the very purpose of your website. Here comes our role of technical expertise and creativity in making your business.

Designing or re-vamping the website — Dotndot has the right team of specialists for any web development project, big or small, which calls for

  • Website Design
  • Creative Web Design
  • Web Development & Integration
  • Content Management System
  • Drupal Web Development
  • Joomla Web Development
  • WordPress Web Development
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Internet & Extranet Development
  • Website Maintenance

We give an elegant look to your corporate websites with a straightforward cut design that genuinely portrays your business visions & boosts up your sales. We ensure your website design with search-friendly Navigation, Apt Content and keywords, Appealing Layout Design, Optimum Load Time, Design for all Screen Resolutions, Website scalability, and Cross Browser Compatibility, which creates a consistent overall image of your site to get the first impression from the potential customers of your business.

We keep you ahead of your competition by getting a new website or reshaping your existing one.

We create websites that are entirely customized to your needs and budget. The time and effort we put into designing your website will result in your sales.

Web Design & Web Development

Website designing is the main task for every business. Your business development and business growth depend on website designing and website development. It is used to attract potential customers. The website’s navigation should be easy to understand, which helps the customers land on that page directly.

Some important tasks in creating the websites

• Initial page element research
• Create a webpage layout/blueprint with all these elements
• Webpage design
• Content management
• Programming & Setup

Website success depends on Content, Usability, Appearance, and Visibility. Content is used to convey the right message to the customers and should be relevant to your offerings. Usability means the website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Appearance means the website should be professional and look and feel great. Visibility: the website finding must not be so difficult. These are the areas responsible for making a website successful after creation.

We have to be careful with website design in some areas.

• Create product-specific landing pages
• A sitemap should be placed for easy navigation
• Create fast-loading websites
• Must work on all resolutions
• Browser compatibility
• Use professional fonts
• Minimize the use of images and graphics
• Maintain some white spaces
• Make sure about the broken links and check the navigation
• Website search button helps us to find the exact product-specific pages

Dotndot is a website designing company that creates professional websites and helps you to reach your business goals. We are planning and developing the websites, including domain registration, site hosting, and site name.

Web Development Services

For a long time, people have been laying stress on creative elements to make better, presentable websites for clients. For some reason, people have given importance to content and functionality to grab visitors’ eyes. But, of late, the trend seems to think backward to generate outlier creative elements that are opening our eyes to what’s possible. Below, you’ll find some exceptional details of creative layout and artistry. These simple tweaks are pushing the field forward. Hopefully, a few will inspire your design directions too!

  • Product Floating on the Background: First, something about the texture makes us reach out and grab the site’s background. The design minimizes the distance between the product and the interaction on the screen. For instance, the drop-shadow adds to the ethereal, the physical quality of the connection between the browser and the object on the net.
  • The topography is Design: The minimalist sites have leveraged the power of typography for years. However, this approach is finally maturing due to massive upgrades in the web rendering of fonts and some genius layouts created by experienced designers. Experienced designers are creating more of this make. So, finally, it has become a way for designers to develop software and content websites.
  • Use of Infographics: Infographics have been “add-ons” to websites for the past decade. Apart from the primary story of the product/brand, they have often been featured in blogs or article sections of the website to better the story-telling. Lstorytelling has the potential to tell the story effectively; the designers have made remarkable moves to make it the center of the site. This move paid the dividend, and the results are pretty excellent.
  • Vertical Story Teller: For better storytelling, storytelling represents a movement. After launching this storyteller, it received thousands of tweets and hundreds of links, and that’s just for the design!
  • Show App First, Rest Will Follow: You need to show the features and the working of the applications on the site. If possible, a video demo of the area with proper narration. This tells about the product in volumes. After that, you can address the queries to generate user confidence.

Website Development

Website development is mainly focused on designing and developing websites on the web. The website plays the leading role for individuals and businesses to get good exposure online. The website is like an identity on the web where an audience can find out what we are and who we are. So, it must be developed by focusing on the user’s comfort. We can see some websites that are irresponsive and have bad designing that makes us stay away. So, the website must look simple for better usage.

The development of the websites depends on the requirements and type of business. Still, the common thing is its responsive design development, as the website must be compatible with any other device of the user’s choice. The website development cannot be done in one go, requiring continuous updating of various elements. Many companies like TopuTop offer a wide range of services.

Web Development Services

  • Using HTML with proper testing
  • Web application development
  • Development of e-commerce
  • Development of custom web
  • Joomla development
  • Magento development
  • WordPress development, etc.


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