WordPress SEO Plugins: 25+ Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools For Higher Ranking in 2024

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Suppose your WordPress website is a blog, photography, or any eCommerce website. In that case, all of us want one thing: our website should eye-catch the customers and enable them to read our website content and take the activity of purchasing the products or services. This is what every marketer is interested in. How is it going to be acquired? The only solution is search engine optimization, and to do that, we need to find WordPress SEO plugins that can enhance your website speed.

The Best WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress SEO Plugin: Yoast SEO

Yoast can be used to optimize any business’s blog posts, enabling us to know whether those posts are SEO-friendly. If not, this allows us to target the audience with effective SEO.

WordPress SEO Plugin: RankMath

The RankMath SEO helps provide all the required free features available in the Yoast SEO as premium features. This is the unique specialty of RankMath when compared to the others in the market.

WordPress SEO Plugin: a3 Lazy Load

it is a mobile-oriented and straightforward-to-access plugin that can speed up the website loading. The rich content on your website that is much better than the plugin works, which enables your web page to perform well.

WordPress SEO Plugin: All-in-One SEO Pack

The easy optimization of SEO of your website makes your blog posts discovered by the relevant consumers over search results of a search engine like Google. It also offers exciting features like XML sitemaps, robot.txt files, default SEO content settings, etc.

WordPress SEO Plugin: All-in-One WP Security and Firewall

The new level of this plugin will guarantee the complete website security you are looking for. Checking for vulnerabilities and implementing the latest WordPress security is possible with the help of this plugin.

WordPress SEO Plugin: EWWW Image Optimizer

It is a top trending image optimization WordPress plugin that can improve web page speed by optimizing images. The website’s search ranking can be increased, which can drive a vast conversion rate and signups.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

This plugin is available for the official AMP and Yoast SEO due to the collaboration with Google. Updating the AMP plugin and Yoast SEO is essential when running this plugin.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

This plugin can showcase Google Reviews in excellent predesigned widgets. Through this, the creation and display of your own devices are possible, and you can build the brand trust of the customers by filtering the business reviews.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Broken Link Checker

This plugin helps monitor the blog by looking at the broken links; they can trace them. Moreover, the missing images and redirected links can be traced. The notification of missing links will be sent through the Dashboard or email.

WordPress SEO Plugin: CDN Enabler-WordPress CDN Plugin

The distributed edge servers network helps accelerate the contents all over. The website’s scalability, performance of the website rel, ability, etc., are the main benefits of the CDN Enabler plugin. Moreover, this plugin integrates the CDN in WordPress quickly and easily.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Site Kit by Google

Using this plugin, you can easily understand the stats from the WordPress dashboard. It offers an all-in-one Dashboard to access the statistics from the different Google tools.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Google XML Sitemaps

Establish useful XML sitemaps that help improve the website’s SEO by letting Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.com index the website. It makes it easy for crawlers to understand the site’s complete structure and retrieve it efficiently. It supports all the custom URLs and all WordPress pages.

WordPress SEO Plugin: LiteSpeed Cache

It is the single platform plugin for website acceleration that can be used to feature the server-level cache and optimization processes. Through this plugin, page caching can be automated, which improves website performance. Depending on specific events, the purge of relevant pages is possible automatically.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Pretty Links

With pretty links, any URLs can be used to manage, shrink, share, beautify, track, and control the WordPress website or the WordPress website. Moreover, you can create the links in the way you want to use them as your domain name.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Pro Rank Tracker

It is one of the best SEO tools that help businesses by providing excellent customer support, rank tracking, multilingual support, reporting, mobile applications, analysis, etc. Simply put, it is a web-based platform that offers search engine optimization through reporting, rank tracking, API access, etc.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Redirection

It is a helpful search engine optimization tool that enables marketers to manage the redirection rules of the website with a simple GUI. Moreover, it collects the website traffic and fixes the HTTP issues that improve the SEO ranking.

WordPress SEO Plugin: SEO Smart Links

Expert bloggers can use this plugin, and the built-in caching system is essential for bloggers on shared hosting and will not let your blog slow down. You can link the text with the WordPress blog link using this plugin.

WordPress SEO Plugin: SEO Squirrly

Content marketing experts and SEO experts can use this tool in WordPress, which helps rank each website page on the first page of search results Google by offering personalized routes.

WordPress SEO Plugin: SEO Ultimate

It offers excellent features like Opengraph of social networks, internal linking automation, structured markup, XML sitemaps, image optimization of ALT attribute, canonicals, meta titles and descriptions bulk editor met,a robots, etc.

WordPress SEO Plugin: SEOPress

The most distinguishable WordPress SEO Plugin can be used to optimize search engine optimization, build custom HTML and XML sitemaps, improve website traffic, create optimized breadcrumbs and Google structured data types, improve social media sharing, and manage redirections 301, etc.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Rel Nofollow Checkbox

When the blog post is saved, this plugin helps add the rel=” nofollow” attributes to the external links of the post. This offers the apt checkbox to exclude the center from the plugin’s activity.

WordPress SEO Plugin: SEO Editor

It is a persuasive writing assistant that can optimize web content. This tool calculates the efficiency of the website content and gives the website an SEO score.

WordPress SEO Plugin: SEO Optimized Images

It is an excellent WordPress plugin that can be used to resize and compress the images of a WordPress website, improving the website’s speed. The ALT tags and tiles of the photos can be replaced without disturbing the code.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Simple URLs

The URL management system enables the users to create, track, and manage the outbound links from the website where 301 redirects and custom post types can be used.

WordPress SEO Plugin: W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache enhances the user experience by improving the website performance, developing the SEO, and lessening the website’s loading time by boosting features such as best practices and content delivery network integration.

WordPress SEO Plugin: WPTouch

It is a fantastic WordPress plugin through which we can create a mobile-friendly WordPress website with just a few clicks. This is the most recommendable plugin by Google that lets businesses pass the Google Mobile-first indexing.

WordPress SEO Plugin: Yet Another Related post-Plugin

This YARP plugin helps display the pages, customize current entry-relevant post types, and display the website content to the readers.


Establishing the SEO plugin is essential for the practical usage of the WordPress website. The WordPress mentioned above SEO plugins can help to improve your business performance through the activity of a high-quality website.

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