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YouTube Advertising

Do you want to stumble on trending pulpit YouTube to host an incredible video ad campaign? Then, YouTube advertising is the primary theme to discuss.

Why don’t you try a fantastic strategy for YouTube Advertising to explore your brand?

To stumble on YouTube through video ads beyond a small screen, you can find where it can seize the targeted customers.

Did you know?

YouTube helps businesses drive 20% more website traffic.

YouTube Advertising

The amount paid to the video ad, launched successfully on YouTube and watched by the audiences, is called YouTube advertising. A successful video ad on YouTube will directly reach the viewers and stimulate them to become customers buying products or services.

The scramble of YouTube ad campaigns with Google AdWords will be the best savvy for ultimate brand promotion. YouTube advertising can be in different forms, such as True View Instream, skippable, and non-skippable ads, which will be discussed in further paragraphs.

Did you know?

ModCloth YouTube Ad Campaigns reached thousands of more customers at 11% of the cost.

How do you Link your AdWords account and YouTube Channel?

Advanced features like call-to-action, video statistics, and the statistics of obtained views can be accessed by linking an AdWords account and YouTube channel. We can connect the AdWords account to the YouTube channel in two ways.


The AdWords and YouTube channel accounts should be verified before linking those two accounts.

Steps to link YouTube channel to AdWords account:

After signing into the YouTube account, select the channel to link up.

Pick ‘My Channel’ and then choose ‘Video Manager.’

After that, select the ‘Advanced’ below the track.

Now choose the ‘Link an AdWords account at the ‘Link an AdWords for video account.’

Go on following the given instructions and then hit finish.

After approval from the AdWords account is received, both accounts will be linked together.

Linking your AdWords account to YouTube channel:

After signing in to your AdWords account, go to linked accounts.

From the navigation bar, select YouTube.

Now choose the +channel to link up.

Type the URL or channel on the ‘Link a YouTube channel search bar.’

Then, go on following the instructions provided.

After approval from the YouTube channel has been obtained, both accounts will be linked.

Did you know?

YouTube ads generate sales, with 42% of users purchasing something after they watch ads on YouTube.

Types of YouTube Ads

In the above discussion, we just learned about the topic types of YouTube ads. Here, we will know what they are and how they work.

Trueview ads:

The ads enable viewers to skip the commercials while watching the video on YouTube. With the insertion of these ads, the brand can quickly reach the targeted customers by delivering the products or services to the audiences. Another advantage for advertisers of these ads is that they are allowed to pay for the ad that the viewers have watched.

Accurate View In-Stream Ads – Skippable Video Ads

While watching the YouTube video, the audiences can skip the ads in the video after 5 seconds. These ads are accessed through mobile and desktop games, e-consoles, etc.

TrueView In-Stream Ads – Non-Skippable Video Ads

Before playing the video, these video ads must be watched by audiences who do not have the option to skip, and these are played on mobiles and desktops.

Image Source: Think with Google

Bumper Ads:

These are non-skippable and must be watched by the YouTube audiences that are being played before the actual video plays, and the video lasts 6 seconds.

Image Source: Think with Google

TrueView Discovery Ads / In-Display Ads:

These ads will blink at the top right of the suggested videos list and appear below the current playing video, especially for more significant players. The desktop is the primary device that supports this type of ad.

Image Source: Google Support

YouTube In-Video Overlay Ads:

In the current playing video, these ads are displayed at the lower 20% that the audiences have visited and are also desktop compactable video ads.

YouTube Sponsored Cards:

These are somewhat different and exciting ads most relevant to the current playing video, which describes a particular product or service. These are most flexible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Did you know?

YouTube now delivers TrueView In-stream ads to Mobile users like Android, iPhone, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iPad, and Wii, so you can reach new audience wherever you go.

YouTube Advertising Campaign Settings

  • Log into your AdWords account and hit the option ‘campaign.’
  • Then, choose the video by clicking the ‘+campaign.’
  • Assign the name of the campaign and then select the subtype of the campaign either for ‘Mobile app installs or Shopping”.
  • Choose the ‘discovery or in-stream ad’ format if it is a standard campaign.
  • Assign the budget, then pick the network where to run the ad.
  • Then, select the location that seems to be where the audiences mainly engage with your content.
  • Choose a language where you intend to launch your campaign.
  • You can choose to play on particular devices with various operating systems, or the default option will allow the ad to play on eligible devices.
  • The advanced settings are edited for further options.
  • Now, ‘save and continue.’
  • Then, allocate the name of the ad group.
  • Select the YouTube video next to ‘your YouTube video.’
  • Fill in the necessary information using the ‘in-stream or discovery ad’ format.
  • I prefer the bid amount for the ad.
  • The targeting methods to display the ad can be chosen, and mostly, ‘show to all viewers’ will be preferred.
  • Now hit on ‘Save ad group.’

How to Target and reach the right audience using YouTube Advertising

Is it possible to target the relevant audiences with your vibrant video ad campaign?

Of course, it is possible through some targeting methods on YouTube. Here are the most generic ways to reach audiences accurately.

I prefer ‘demographic selection’ in which the gender, age, income, and status of the parent should be considered.

Go ahead with ‘custom affinity reach’ to target relevant audiences already interested in your brand.

Choose the audiences most excited about your products or services and relevant to your field by attracting viewers through your branding.

Give priority to making pertinent topics by considering the audience’s interests. They are more passionate about watching regularly.

Research on analytics of the previously watched videos and TrueView ads from your YouTube channel.

I am molding the audiences into customers by picking the customers from the viewers who buy and sell the relevant products or services.

Target the most suitable devices like mobiles, hunting apps, most engaging websites, etc., where the continuous engagement of audiences is found.

Deliver the universal and most searched keywords on both the Google search engine and YouTube search results.

Last, we should select the essential content by choosing a unique and trending topic.

YouTube Advertising Best Practices

Make use of snackable video content in sweet and short, which is most efficient to watch rather than opponents.

The launch of TrueView in-stream ads where your content at the first moment should eye-catch the audiences to watch longer.

A demographical strategy through the selection of age, gender, etc., is preferable for a successful video campaign launch.

Cherry-pick the time slot to blast the video ad campaign at the YouTube audiences when the channel is most engaged.

Go on inserting your brand’s logo as the watermark that deliberately exposes your products or services.

The video ad campaign takeoff on the landing page should be done in a mind-boggling way that stimulates your audiences to visit your site.

Assign the user-friendly annotations, which are most known to the audiences, to respond quickly.

Insertion of the ‘Comments’ box will drive some more engagement of audiences to sit at your campaign.

Make sure to have the involvement of celebrities who can attract the audience at the immediate launch.

All-time Best YouTube Ads

Best Commercial Ever (Nike Football) – Ronaldo, Hulk, Iniesta, Neymar, Rooney, etc.:

The world’s loving and trending game, Football, with the world’s favorite players like Ronaldo, Neymar, Hulk, Rooney, and Iniesta, has featured in this ad, which hooked millions of fans to view this Commercial. This can disclose the cleverness of “Nike” in YouTube video advertising. This commercial video ad has 71,769,312+ views, which has broken the records of YouTube advertising history.

Turkish Airlines – Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout:

The most beautiful commercial ad in the history of YouTube is Kobe vs. Messi, where the top players of Basketball and Soccer have been involved in branding Turkish Airlines through a selfie. The number of views for this Commercial is 146,023,634+ fantastic views.

Clash Of Clans: Revenge (Super Bowl TV Commercial):

The content of this video ad is most exciting and humorous to watch in which the opponent has stolen the most popular figure, Liam’s loot. The inspiring spirit to get back the lost loot has been disclosed by ‘Liam.’ It is a viral video ad on YouTube, which has acquired 164,320,511+ views. It is another winning victory in the account of the Super Bowl for its excellent delivery of content.

Pepsi MAX Camaro Jeff Gordon Commercial Test Drive:

It is a hilarious commercial where the real fun is generated by the involvement of the famous car racing professional ‘Jeff Gordon.’ The realistic words that have fallen from a person’s mouth are interpreted as dying. This ad has 2,416,661+ views.

Old Spice (The Man Your Man Could Smell Like):

It is the most innovative ad that explores the brand name Old Spice, where you can find the man-body wash, whatever is possible, with that, rather than regular ones that target both men and women. This commercial video ad has 54,606,779+ views, which is not an ordinary one to discuss.

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test):

Jean-Claude Van Damme was introduced to take on the challenge of standing in the middle of two Volvo trucks. It is the most enthusiastic stunt that excites the audience while watching. It has gained 86,846,297+ views.

“A major aspect of rolling out video advertising on YouTube is delivering the squeezing content.”

YouTube Advertising Tools

YouTube Director

Create polished video ads right from your phone:

Pixability: YouTube Advertising using Big Data:

Veeroll: Generates Stunning Video Ads Automatically:

Ad Preview Tool

Get 750+ YouTube Keyword Suggestions For Free:

YouTube VAST Validator:

Adblock for Youtube

Google Trends Tool: Google Trends

YouTube Trends: YouTube Trending



Here, you can find everything about the strategies for launching a successful video ad campaign on YouTube with no boundaries to reach millions of audiences by turning them into customers.

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