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Artificial Intelligence Advertising

Artificial Intelligence has become the supreme of the digital marketing world. Artificial Intelligence advertising directs businesses to launch creative ad campaigns without human involvement and time consumption. It is not just about creating ad campaigns. More than AI helps transform each level of your business advertising from the creation of innovative ads to ad bidding. Here are the top trending Artificial Intelligence advertising tools that every business should find.

What is Artificial Intelligence Advertising?

Businesses are inclined to adopt commercial Artificial Intelligence to identify audience segments, build creative ad campaigns, optimize ad spend, test variations, and improve business performance through real-time automation strategy.

Top AI Advertising Tools for Business Growth

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: Albert is the Artificial Intelligence marketing platform that drives top global businesses’ independent digital marketing ad campaigns. This tool helps speed up the analysis, testing, and optimization of cross-channel ad campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: GumGum

The AI advertising platform adds value to the videos and images generated on the websites and television and social media broadcasting. It is the most effective in-image advertising network, especially for marketers, business brands, agencies, publishers, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: IBM Watson

IBM Watson is the AI platform that can accelerate research acceleration, predicting disruptions, strong interactions, and discovery for companies looking for. Businesses can control what they intend, and this platform enables them to monitor and manage the ownership of data, insights, and intellectual property.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: Pathmatics

The digital spoon-born AI advertising and marketing platform can provide solutions for all your digital advertising queries over YouTube, Facebook, Display advertising, video advertising, Twitter, and mobile advertising. Furthermore, the ad campaign impressions, digital advertising strategies, ad spending, etc., can be traced.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: Phrasee

It is the AI copywriting platform that helps in generating and optimizing the marketing language in your business brand voice, delivering useful emails, pushing notifications of your brand performance, etc. can be done.

Phrasee’s data-driven approach helps grow the return on investment (ROI) for business brands in the market. Some of the prominent brands that use this platform are Dominos, Virgin Holidays, Gumtree, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: Smartly

It is an Artificial Intelligence social advertising platform that can be used to automate your ad campaigns. Also, this tool helps create innovative ad campaigns that can unlock the excellent performance of business growth.

Smartly can engage and monitor the audience’s attention toward your business ad campaigns in this competitive digital advertising landscape. Internal team collaboration can be made possible with this platform, which enables the organization to achieve its goals.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: Revealbot

The AI-powered automation advertising platform for Instagram and Facebook can be used as a management and optimization tool. Business brands that rely on Facebook advertising can use this tool.

When investing significantly in incapable ad campaigns, it is the most effective tool for marketers to automate Facebook ads and push notifications.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: Zalster

This platform integrates human expertise and machine learning software to help businesses reach their target Instagram and Facebook advertising goals.

Moreover, budget allocation, advertising delivery, and bid management can be handled through automation technology. The marketers can save time, and the increment of watch results, etc., can be observed.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: ReFUEL4

The cloud-based advertising platform helps SMBs create, optimize, and analyze ad campaigns to improve the return on investment (ROI) of all digital marketing platforms.

This can also be used as an ad creation platform that provides the designs. Moreover, it automatically replaces low-performing ad campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: Aitarget

It is one of the top trending AI advertising platforms. This tool can be used to establish effective ad campaigns by managing them automatically. Using it, you can measure business performance on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: Trapica

It only targets AI algorithms for ad campaigns, especially on social media platforms. This excellent tool can automate ad campaigns, optimize the target, and deliver the relevant ad campaigns to the right audience.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: Adobe Advertising Cloud

It is one of the #1 tools for accessing multiple inventory sources over multiple ad networking platforms. It offers a consistent experience for the audience across several channels that let customers interact with your marketing content and make conversions.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: Quantcast

Any business needs to invest a little bit more in using this Artificial Intelligence tool, primarily when you intend to launch targeted ad campaigns.

It also offers advanced advertising features and tools for audience measurement, etc. Moreover, this tool can capture user behavioral data.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: Sizmek

It is one of the trending Artificial Intelligence advertising platforms, and compared to other advertising platforms, it is the most trustable tool for marketers.

It generates simple ad campaigns that give high-performance results. The interface of this platform enables you to identify the path that routes to the advertising and targeting features to use them effectively.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: Pattern89

It is the only AI-powered platform that generates in-depth creative analytics, which can be used to analyze and understand what will work for you.

Besides, the creation of successful ad campaigns will be predicted before the ad campaign’s launch on different social media platforms.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Tool: WordStream Advisor

WordStream is one of the top trending artificial intelligence advertising tools, but it is a little bit expensive compared to other artificial intelligence advertising platforms.

If you intend to use this tool for free, they should be prepared to get the noise of emails and calls to get the premium version.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Statistics


Digital advertising websites use Artificial Intelligence advertising tools, which can be used to sell and buy ads. Moreover, through AI strategy, ad networks are helping businesses reach a real-time audience and find conversions.

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