B2B Lead Generation Trends for 2024

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The business world is constantly evolving, and in 2022 it will be no different. It’s essential to stay on top of the latest trends, so you’re not left behind. Technological advancements or societal shifts often shape trends, but they can also be influenced by external events such as protests or natural disasters. With this blog post, I’ll share what B2B lead generation trends are expected for 2022 so you know how to prepare your strategy accordingly!

In the future, B2B lead generation will be drastically different. In 2022, many changes will be in how companies find and generate leads for their businesses. With this in mind, we’ll look at some trends that will show up over the next four years.

Lead generation is a critical part of any business. It drives the pipeline for all your other marketing efforts by giving you an audience to advertise and sell your products or services to. So it’s only natural that B2B lead generation trends change as time passes. What will these changes look like in 2022? This post will explore some current trends and where they might be going in the future.

B2B Lead Generation Trends for 2022

  • Companies will be more selective about who they choose to do business with
  • Lead generation strategies will focus on gathering information about the customer before making a sales pitch
  • More companies will invest in lead management software and data analytics tools to identify the best leads and improve their marketing efforts
  • B2B marketers will find that social media is an effective way of generating leads for their company
  • The number of B2B lead generation companies will continue to grow
  • There will be a continued increase in the use of artificial intelligence for marketing and sales
  • Companies will have more access to data, which means they can make better decisions about their target audience
  • Data usage is projected to grow exponentially over the next five years
  • In 2022, the average B2B lead will be a college graduate with an advanced degree
  • The average B2B lead will have a higher household income than the general population
  • The percentage of female leaders is projected to increase from 20% to 35% by 2022
  • By 2022, only 1 in 10 tips will come through a cold call
  • Increased use of video content
  • More focus on B2B social media marketing
  • Increased use of email marketing automation tools to reduce manual labor
  • Increase in the number of lead generation agencies to help with demand
  • B2B Lead Generation is still a viable marketing strategy
  • The majority of leads will come from inbound channels (such as content marketing)
  • Marketing teams will spend more time on lead nurturing and conversion optimization to increase the number of qualified leads they get
  • Companies looking for new customers will invest heavily in social media advertising to grow their customer base
  • Consumers are increasingly demanding personalized experiences
  • B2B companies will have to offer more in-person interaction with customers
  • Data security is a significant concern, so the trend in 2022 will be for data to be encrypted both at rest and in transit
  • It’s predicted that by 2022, 50% of all internet traffic will come from video content
  • Companies will rely more on social media and less on email to generate leads
  • The use of video as a marketing tool will grow massively, with companies using it to promote their products and services
  • More businesses will be outsourcing their lead generation campaigns, leading to an increase in the number of contractors involved in generating leads for B2B organizations
  • Companies will spend less on lead generation and more on customer experience
  • Lead generation is increasingly being outsourced to companies with a strong reputation for delivering quality leads
  • The number of B2B marketers who use content marketing as their primary method of generating leads will increase from 43% in 2020 to 67% in 2022
  • The rise of the Millennial workforce
  • Increased use of social media for business purposes, including LinkedIn and Twitter
  • An increasing number of companies offer free trials
  • Increase in demand for flexible work hours and remote work
  • B2B lead generation will become increasingly complex
  • The most successful marketing campaigns will be those that are targeted and personalized to a specific company’s needs
  • Marketing automation, CRM, and predictive analytics will play a significant role in the success of any campaign
  • The use of data-driven insights is expected to grow exponentially over the next five years
  • In 2022, marketers will need to know their customers inside and out
  • Lead generation will continue to be on the rise
  • More companies will turn to lead gen agencies rather than in-house teams
  • The use of data science and AI for lead generation will grow exponentially
  • There will be a shift from using email as the primary channel for generating leads to using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • Increasing competition from new entrants
  • Increased customer expectations and demands
  • Higher regulatory requirements
  • Growing demand for digital services
  • The rise of the B2B content marketing
  • Increased use of video in lead-generation campaigns
  • An increasing number of firms are using social media to generate leads
  • Rise in demand for qualified sales reps to handle the increased volume
  • The number of B2B lead generation agencies will rise
  • More companies will use marketing automation to generate leads and manage customer relationships
  • Companies will focus on generating quality leads, not just quantity
  • B2B lead generation will become more personalized
  • Marketing automation will continue to grow in importance
  • The use of video content for B2B lead generation will increase
  • More companies will start using social media as a marketing tool
  • The rise of AI and machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence will be used to automate tasks currently done by humans, such as customer service or data entry; this could lead to job losses in these fields.
  • As a result, more jobs will need to be created for the people who lose jobs because of automation. However, it is unclear what type of work they would do in an automated world.
  • Technology companies are developing technology intending to replace human workers to avoid paying them wages- this has led governments around the world to introduce legislation banning certain types of robots from being used in industries where there is a risk they may replace human workers.
  • Customer service will be the most critical factor in customer satisfaction.
  • The importance of marketing will grow exponentially as it becomes more challenging to reach customers via traditional advertising channels.
  • B2B marketers are looking for new ways to cut through the noise and get their message across, such as influencers or social media personalities with large followers.
  • More companies will be using AI to generate leads.
  • Personalized marketing strategies will be more popular, with customized content and offers for each customer’s needs.
  • Companies will hire experts in different industries to create targeted lead-generation programs for their specific needs.
  • Businesses will start investing heavily in augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence technologies.
  • B2B lead generation will be more personalized.
  • Data will play a more significant role in the future of B2B lead generation.
  • There will be more automation in B2B marketing, including AI-generated content and email campaigns.
  • Marketers will have to get better at storytelling or risk being replaced by chatbots.


With the amount of data at our fingertips, it’s easy to forget that not everyone is as well-equipped or has a team for analyzing all this data. That’s why we created a lead generation strategy with you in mind – one optimized for your needs and goals. Contact us today if you want help creating an effective B2B marketing plan.

The B2B lead generation trends for 2022 are exciting, and the digital marketing world is evolving rapidly. Let us help you keep up with what’s coming next by providing you with a roadmap to success in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. We can provide your company with the tools, strategies, and expertise to build an effective online presence that converts more leads into customers. Contact our experts now if this sounds like something you need or want!

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