Digital Advertising Intelligence Consulting

The Start of the New Digitally Driven Era

Recently, advertising has received significant setbacks considering the newer channels and techniques evolving speedily. One cannot deny the fierce competition wherein businesses utilize extensive advertising facilities to reach the target audience through personalized messages. Online advertising herein plays an integral role in building digital marketing techniques that render organizations a platform to build business models for their digital publishers.

Unleash the Digital Advertising Intelligence solutions we offer

We provide an adept solution for advertising and search, monitoring, and evaluation. Our digital advertising intelligence features blend organic and paid searches and aid in advertising insights to meet the overall needs posed by advertising intelligence. Additionally, our solutions also enable media agencies and brands to understand and gain insight into the following, which include:

  • Calculate the use of voice in display and search platforms
  • Review details of competitors’ campaigns
  • Analyze the search and ad spent across video, mobile, and desktop.
  • Garner profitable ROI throughout digital advertising campaigns

Inclusions with Our Solutions

  • Identification of plans and creation of compelling digital campaigns
  • Development of coverage for search and display across varied platforms
  • Assessment of multiple campaigns using keywords, volumes, etc.
  • Have a dedicated account manager to render optimal solutions and support.

Advertising Intelligence:

For Improving the Performance of Your Business

The different mediums of media and channels can be quite taxing for businesses. Questions like how to reach an appropriate audience? Which channel to use, how to be creative, etc.? We offer clients management-level reports using comparison tools, display and video network integration comparison tools, and an ROI calculator based on market intelligence to solve issues.

Connected Advertising Intelligence

We analyze numerous global and local adverts and connect Google Ads account support across traditional and digital media platforms.

  • Provide cross-media advertising intelligence in traditional and digital mediums.
  • Monitor advertising activities of brands like Live PPC reporting, voice share, competitor benchmarking, etc.
  • Offer insights on brands, agencies, and investment strategies.

Uses of Advertising Intelligence

Using advertising intelligence features renders media agencies, owners, and brands to build more comprehensive techniques. They can develop plans, allocate resources, and strengthen offers to improve business performance. Below are some advantages of using the digital platform for gaining profits and higher ROI.

  • Enables media owners to identify opportunities for sale by gaining insight into their working details
  • Utilizes competitor insights for tracking other brands and their strategy
  • Tracks competitor activities to improve their processes and campaigns.

Audience Measurement

Audience management aids in quantifying the audience surrounding the advertising campaign. It measures radio, TV viewership, newspaper and magazine readership, listenership, and website traffic. This aids in better planning, strategizing, and methods to get ahead of competitors.

Consumer & Audience Targeting

  • Understanding your audience
  • Know your audience
  • Direct communication with the target audience
  • Building good rapport

Insight Solutions

Our services aid in gaining deeper insight solutions into consumer-media relationships. It assists in making appropriate decisions rather than just ticking boxes.
Reputation, PR Monitoring, and Evaluation

We help evaluate PR, brand, and corporate coverage to better understand niche profiles, communications outcomes, and marketing techniques across social media and global platforms.

With our Reputation, PR Monitoring, and Evaluation, we present relevant data on market developments and integrated services, helping organizations make informed decisions.

Social Media Intelligence

We aid our clients in identifying the appropriateness of data published on social media shared daily. Each aspect of customer involvement, including what they view, how much time they spend viewing, the medium used for viewing, etc., is detailed to gain insight. Services are designed to be more profitable, analyze quickly, and enable better decision-making.

Advertising and Paid Search Intelligence

The unevenness of media makes it more difficult for brands, media owners, and agencies to culminate in competitiveness. Understanding how other brands work aids them in being unique compared to competitors, investing well, and unleashing newer opportunities.

We provide an integrated view of Advertising and paid search intelligence in local and global marketing by extensively covering digital, traditional, and search media statistics.

Audience Intelligence

Audience Intelligence provides insight into the audience and prepares strategies to determine what can work in your favor. It enables one to determine and track what gels well with the niche market, which can strengthen communication.

Our well-programmed audience intelligence enables media agencies and brands to understand how they can interact and access media. We analyze what the public loves to view and listen to, which group they belong to, and their medium of accessing the content, whether through live TV, video, or radio.

Consumer Intelligence

We assist businesses in gaining an overview and reaching an appropriate audience efficiently by adequately melding consumer data surrounding brand utilization, media consumption, lifestyles, and attitudes. Consumer intelligence thereby aids in profiling user information both online and offline.

It aids in making strategic decisions, planning, and effectively executing campaigns across varied channels, making it easy for agencies and brand owners to reach the perfect target audience. Also, it enables media agencies to position themselves as the ideal medium for advertising or marketing activities.

Reputation Intelligence

Considering the present-day world of communications, we understand the need for brands to maintain the top position across digital and traditional platforms, both locally and globally. Our extensive tracking and monitoring techniques blend with our evaluation techniques to offer brands reliable inputs.

This thereby assists the brands in understanding their outlook toward influencers and consumers. Reputation Intelligence makes it plausible to respond quickly, update them about strategies, and plan to drive the profitable outcome of the brand.

In a Nutshell

Businesses utilizing “digital” resaleable TV melded with information and analytics are better equipped to manage functions effectively, output, and customer engagement. This ensures profitable turnover, lead generation, and enhanced conversions, leading to more significant ROI and profits.

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