Digital Audio Advertising Consulting

We are a client-dedicated consulting team where we show our performance through our advertising strategy that projects what we are. Our digital audio advertising experts target potential national, global, and regional customers, helping generate conversions. We assist in making secure communication with new customers and engaging them in the most innovative ways. DotnDot is the single stop to launch creative digital audio advertising campaigns that provide the exact audience you want at the right time.

Digital Audio Advertising

We let your business brand target the audience geographically, which supports driving global audience engagement and tracking their response. Our team will let your business sound at the million audiences by uniquely collaborating with audio streamers. Moreover, we provide the analytics to find the audience engagement in your ad campaigns.

Small or expert business brands can avail of the benefits of digital audio advertising, where the audience is allowed to skip the ad. Demographic targeting of a particular listener is likely to push the ad campaigns. Moreover, measuring the success of digital audio ad campaigns is the most useful metric.

Cost-effective, high sales conversion & low avoidance rate

We implement the most personalized strategies to create radio ad campaigns effectively and optimize the business plans’ efforts to find effective results.

Moreover, we boost the company’s profitability by the creation of most memorable listening experiences through the execution of podcasts or radio strategies.

We use the information of RAM data and NRS or ILT reports to set up the business goals to get a higher ROI, especially in FM radio and podcast advertising.

Digital Audio Monetization

Our team collaborates with the wide-ranging monetization platforms that enable us to get dynamic ad insertion, audio-focused SSPs, and audio advertising trafficking to access programmatic ad buying.

Moreover, we integrate Ad Networks, Trading Desks, DSPs, Ad Exchanges, etc. We launch the one-to-one listener targeting by analyzing users’ positive and relevant listening experiences.

Hundreds of global clients rely on our experts to get the targeted, volumized, and relevant audience for them as they seek future growth.

Our expert sales team and programmatic channels cover all the listeners from all over the world. We use SSP options for the audio ad campaigns that boost the performance of your business.

Dynamic Ad Insertion on Audio Content

We’ll let your audio ad display constantly without considering when the listener downloads the audio file. The dynamic ad insertions, especially for the podcasts, enable us to change the ad campaigns on demand.

Through an active ad insertion strategy, one can swap the ads with no re-uploading episodes of podcasts to the website. Especially the brand new ad campaigns can be inserted into podcast episodes recorded long ago.

Moreover, users interested in downloading the old podcast episodes through iTunes or Google Play will find your new ad.

The dynamic ad insertion enables us to insert the ad campaigns anywhere in the podcast shows, i.e., as the pre-roll, post-roll, or mid-roll ads. Through our expert strategy, you create different ad options and let your ad campaigns reach all relevant audiences.

Podcast Marketing & Advertising

The podcast ad campaigns are generating excellent business results for the brands. After listening to the ad on podcasts, the listeners buy products or services from that particular business brand.

This is why businesses should consider podcast advertising to reach potential customers. The podcast ad campaigns drive a more massive audience engagement than radio ads.

The strengthening strategy offered by podcast advertising is targeting the relevant audience and delivering the ad campaign that every business is intended to. We help you reach the appropriate audience by reaching the podcast pertinent to your business.

The most distinguishable benefit of launching podcast advertising is that these podcasts can engage most prominently with your ad content. The fact about the podcast is that the listeners always want to hear the episode hosts again, and returning to the old attacks leads to the success of content marketing where the business brands can launch their ad campaigns at the old audios.

Next-generation ad serving & dashboard

We provide the most effective and straightforward dashboard, especially in quickly managing and reporting campaign performance. We monitor all activities of your business ad campaign in real-time by generating a downloadable report.

We help you find the newest and traditional ad formats like audio, Alexa flash briefings, voice-enabled, companion banners, etc., and audio ads. We let your business get the single interface dashboard where you can access everything.

Spotify Advertising

Spotify has more than 180 million monthly listeners, and 83 million are paid subscriptions, which consume the content on demand. More than 40% of monthly active users of Spotify are used to be active daily.

Moreover, 72% of Spotify users are teens who are the future of the global market. Depending on those metrics, Spotify has become the most trending platform for businesses to launch ad campaigns.

The ad campaigns, either audio or video, will be 15- or 30-seconds in length with the add-on of display ads. Each ad on Spotify drives 100% voice share. Our expert team will make your business ad campaigns the most successful using behavioral and first-party demographics like other digital platforms.

Pandora Advertising

Through the launch of Pandora ad campaigns, businesses can get access to more than 1400 listener segments to deliver the specific message to the target audience.

We help you target a particular audience by targeting age, music taste, demographics, etc., by establishing extreme advertising strategies.

We are here to assist your business in finding the best advertising strategies, especially in the audio category. Reach us to get the most out of your business ad campaigns.

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