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Influencer marketing for digital political campaigns is similar to employing celebrity influencers to reach the target audiences. Getting the few targeted ones is more effective than going the mass. It is the new digital marketing strategy for political campaigns. They are trying to reach and influence the crucial leaders who can transform themselves as brand advocates and take the message to larger audiences. How can the online digital political campaign succeed through Influencer Marketing?

Did you know?

2020 presidential candidates top $100 M in digital ad spending

$6B in political media spending in the 2019-2020 cycle

$4.4B will come on traditional media (broadcast television,cable, and radio).

$1.6B will come on digital video (much of which will be on Facebook and Google).

This represents a projected 57% growth in political spending from 2018 to 2020.


Influencer marketing for political campaigns focuses on the ability of the influencer to break, make, or change the trends.

The influencer must also have credibility with the audience. The influencer can be a person, page, brand, or anything with vast reach and can influence mass audiences. Influencer plays a vital role in Online Digital Political Campaigns.

How does influencer marketing for political campaigns work?

The political parties’ marketing team looks for credible influencers with a solid online social media presence and the ability to influence the target audience.

After this, the content marketing strategy is developed. It can be shared with the influencer to spread it o the personal social media channels of the influencers.

Sometimes the influencers also are asked to develop content. They are made to understand the message the political campaign tries to convey to the audience.

The influencers are usually inspired, hired, or aided to promote the content of the political party.

Did you know?

The online digital political campaigns became 7x higher in 2016 than compared to the previous elections.

The success of online digital political campaigning using influencer marketing depends on the influencer’s impact on the audience and how well he can spread the marketing message.

Why Influencer Marketing is Essential for Online Political Campaigns

Internet viewers can choose to block advertisements. They can also ignore the ads. However, a trusted influencer followed by some people can make them engage and listen to what they are saying.

Prospects are usually interested in a brand that their favorite celebrity or artist promotes.

Though the purchase is not immediately made, it will surely build brand recognition, which is a critical factor.

For anyone to survive on digital media, they need to be talked about by powerful influencers.

How Influencer Marketing Helps Political Campaigns?

    1. Influencer marketing strategy helps to get recognition and spread the message at every level of political campaigning.
    2. Influencer marketing is the best thing for political campaigning as this helps boost the credibility of the candidate and expands name recognition.

Did you know?

In June 2016, 43% of the millennials research politics by using the smartphone.

  1. Online Digital Political Campaign is significant for many reasons. It is one of the established methods to reach targeted groups.
  2. Turning to digital media became a launchpad for many new and established politicians to reach millennial voters. Digital advertising is playing a more and more critical role in political campaigning.
  3. After the success of targeted digital marketing for political campaigning, the next step was to help
    the local candidates who cannot spend a million dollars to make a maximum impact on their marketing.
  4. The option was influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is endorsement through micro-influencers, bloggers, or celebrities who create positive messages from their accounts to influence the follower base.
  5. Politicians should consider capitalizing on the network the influencer and micro-influencer have. The influencer selection must be based on the relevancy to their voters.
  6. For a more localized experience, choose micro-influencers with high followership engagement.

Impressive Influencer Marketing Campaigns of Politicians

Influencers are used to spread the content, build awareness, and increase engagement. Not all politicians and political parties are the same. However, the purpose of influencer marketing for them is to grab attention, boost employment, and finally win the battle. Here are some examples of successful influencer marketing for political campaigning.

Did you know?

Though Facebook ‘I Voted’ button midterm election obtained additional votes of 340,000.

    • Millennials are notable for politics. Most of these young people trust social media influencers. Political parties must employ content creators, celebrities, and others to spread the word about their campaigns.
    • Social media accounts can be used to gather questions from the audience. It helps to get feedback on various issues and to engage with the viewers.
    • Celebrities who can impact their followers and fans can be asked to make videos endorsing the politician and the party.
    • Celebrities can tell their audience why they are supporting a particular candidate.
    • Celebrities can discuss the issues and tell how the candidate’s election win can help solve the problems.
    • Influencers need not be big-shot celebrities but influencers with a lot of following. Take the help of YouTube influencers to talk about the political party or the candidate to expand the reach.
    • Another method of successful influencer marketing is to craft emails from celebrities and send them to followers and fans.
    • Those who received the emails will feel thrilled as the mail is a celebrity. Out of curiosity, they will open and engage with the content of the email.

Did you know?

50% of ads are displayed in the format of desktop video during presidential elections.

  • Remember to obtain the consent of famous people before using their names in emails.
  • Have an influencer by your side when attending a conference or an event. Have the influencer talk about the political campaigns at their own activities.


Influencer marketing is the future of online business and is best for political campaigns.

Here, we have explained how valuable influencer marketing is for Online political campaigns, How to implement the movements and some strategies for online political Influencer marketing.

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