eCommerce SEO Consulting

Increasing traffic is at the top of the mind of any e-commerce business owner. Search engine algorithms are frequently updated, and there is a lot of competition in the digital business world, which makes it pretty tricky to get consistent and high-quality traffic. E-commerce SEO ensures the site pages appear in the top ten organic search results. The higher the page rank, the lower the site will get. Using the right keywords is essential.

The Google search auto-complete feature helps find the keywords people use to search. SEMRush is a tool that allows keyword research. One has to buy a subscription to handle this. Choose the right keywords for the e-commerce business. Use high-volume, low-competition keywords.

Search ranking also depends on how relevant the product or category page is to the keyword. Thus, only use related keywords.

What Is E-commerce SEO Consulting?

E-commerce SEO consulting is a specialized service that focuses on optimizing online shops for search engines. By analyzing a website’s current SEO strategies and identifying areas for improvement, eCommerce SEO consultants provide businesses with bespoke insights and recommendations to boost their organic search engine rankings and ultimately increase online sales. ECommerce SEO consulting aims to craft a roadmap for companies to achieve sustainable SEO success.

eCommerce SEO Marketing

E-commerce search engine ranking also depends on how the site pages are structured and organized. The site structure should be simple. Optimizing the e-commerce site is very important. The homepage title tag must contain the business name and primary keyword phrase. Write the homepage meta description to encourage people to visit the site.

The homepage must contain content that helps the visitors learn more about the business and the products. Internal links serve two purposes for e-commerce businesses. They boost e-commerce SEO and increase the time visitors spend on the site. Optimizing the product pages is crucial to the success of any e-commerce store.

The product page should contain the name of the product. Optimize the product image. Use the product’s name and the primary keyword in the picture’s title. Include a product video on the product page. It can be an introductory video to provide information about the product, how-to videos to show how to use it, or testimonials from people.

Why Does Your eCommerce Store Need SEO?

  • Almost 90% of internet users use the search engine to find products or services.
  • Most customers read online product reviews before buying.
  • 81% of buyers go for online research before buying.
  • 21.9% of online shopping takes place through mobile.
  • 80% of users ignore paid advertisements and rely more on organic results.
  • 40% of shoppers prefer to make an online purchase

eCommerce SEO Services

eCommerce SEO Audit:

We implement the action plan by identifying the drawbacks from the roots, and we make the reevaluation request for Google.

Product & Category SEO:

Our team will target specific products and categories depending on your eCommerce SEO objectives. Due to this, your brand engagement traffic can be improved and drive more conversions.


We generate complete insights by analyzing customer behavior and each aspect of an eCommerce website.

Keyword Research:

To drive colossal search engine traffic by developing an excellent marketing plan, our SEO consultants will conduct in-depth research on keywords. This helps to find which keywords are more trending to reach the relevant customers.

Competitor Analysis:

SEO is essential to defeating your competitor in the market. Our SEO consultants will analyze how your competitors are performing with SEO. Also, which strategies are not used by them and pull more information that helps to engage your business?

Our team of consultants will trace out keywords they are using to target the audience, backlinking strategy, content strategy they are implementing on-, page optimization, etc.

Link Building:

After auditing your website backlink profile, our expert team will find more link-building opportunities through unique research. We are not hungry for building low-quality backlinks in bulk; we focus on high-quality links in link-building campaigns. We consider your services, industry, and opportunities and lay out the most workable link-building plan.

Backlink Audit:

The backlink is the only player to build or collapse one’s website. Using various tools, we determine whether your backlink profile hurts or benefits your website ranking. We make a perfect plan to fix, improve, and build backlinks to your existing ones.

Website Redesign Consultation:

The SEO company you hire is essential to redesign the website. Our team of SEO consultants will offer you conversion recommendations, visual design feedback, content evaluation, on-page optimization, reviewing your website structure, etc.

In-depth Report:

A successful SEO campaign comes from the perfect plan for new trends, opportunities, Google algorithm updates, etc. With the help of your key performance indicators, we provide you with a complete report of your data. Through this, you can take measures to overcome the issues. We aim to tell you what you are doing, where your business is, and what to do next.

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The Core Features of eCommerce SEO Consulting

An eCommerce SEO consultant typically offers various services, including the following:

• SEO Analysis: The consultant will analyze the website’s current SEO strategies and identify improvement areas. They will perform a technical SEO audit and explore the website’s content, backlink profile, and user experience.

• Keyword Research: Targeting the right keywords is crucial for eCommerce businesses. An eCommerce SEO consultant will conduct thorough research and help prioritize a list of target keywords.

• On-Site Optimization: This involves optimizing meta tags, heading tags, image tags, URLs, and internal linking to ensure the website is aligned with search engines’ best practices.

• Content Creation: Quality content is vital to attract the attention of potential customers and search engines. An eCommerce SEO consultant will help create and optimize content that matches search intent and provides value to the target audience.

• Link Building: One of the critical ingredients for SEO success is link building. An eCommerce SEO consultant will help sponsor high-authority backlinks from relevant websites in an ethical way.

Best Practices and Strategies for eCommerce SEO

Some of the best practices for eCommerce SEO include:

• Focus on creating quality content that resonates with the target audience.
• Optimize product pages using search-friendly URLs, titles, and descriptions.
• Use schema markup to improve website user experience and optimize for featured snippets.
• Leverage social media to build your brand as well as attract backlinks.
• Improve website speed and user experience across all devices.
• Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and optimized for voice searches.


In conclusion, eCommerce SEO consulting is critical to the success of your online business. Whether you’re starting a new eCommerce website or improving an existing one, partnering with an eCommerce SEO consultant can maximize the potential of your website, increase traffic, and generate sales.

With the fierce competition in the online space, getting an expert team to analyze your website and its strategies and implement changes to accelerate its growth is essential. Partnering with eCommerce SEO consulting services will surely give your business the push it requires to take it to the next level. So, get started today and watch your website’s traffic and sales grow daily!

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