Instagram Giveaways: Tips for Running Engaging Instagram Contest Giveaways

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We all love gifts, which makes us happy if it is easier. Isn’t it? Instagram giveaway is simple to find brand engagement. The launch of the Instagram giveaway can sharpen your business brand promotion, including clues boosting the website, raising follower count, and letting your brand see a good shot of reaching the boundaries of a real-time audience.

In the same way, the half-backed knowledge of running the Instagram giveaway will not taste good. It needs some time and effort the creation of Instagram giveaways that find audience engagement. How to start an Instagram giveaway?

If you are stuck with this query and are not reaching your expectations of delivering the Instagram giveaway, you must know what is what. Instagram giveaways are the best and most straightforward way to take off your business brand promotion.

There are two directions in this path, and when you are in the right way, you can find significant results in launching an Instagram giveaway, and when you are in the wrong direction, that can damage your image.

Instagram Giveaway Tips

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Fix the giveaway theme

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Select the deadline

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Set the rules

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Best Instagram giveaways tools

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Partner with influencers

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Select the prize

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Promotion of giveaways on other social media channels

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Determining what you need out of a giveaway

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Be aware of Instagram rules

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Give the correct and relevant giveaway caption

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Advertising Strategy

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Monitor the results

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Fix the entry criteria

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Congratulate the winner

Instagram Giveaway Tip: User-generated content

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Collaboration

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Promote on Instagram stories

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Set how long the giveaway will last

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Choose the perfect giveaway post

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Reminder posts to share the giveaway

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Spread the winner of the giveaway through the tag to win

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Like to win

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Immerse selfie contest

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Let your audience caption

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Photo contest

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Poll contest

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Hashtag challenge

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Generate a point of contact beyond Insta

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Be particular

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Determine what to do after completing of giving away

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Define the Instagram contest objective

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Set the entry method

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Designing campaign assets

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Fix the entry deadline

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Repost + Hashtag

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Sharing on the feed

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Mix and Profit

Instagram Giveaway Tip: Get paid traffic

Tips for Running Engaging Instagram Contest Giveaways

  • Create a theme for the contest- this could be anything, from “What do you love about summer?” to “Show us your favorite food.”
  • Be creative with prizes- think outside of the box! Rewards can include cash, gift cards, and items like clothes or beauty products.
  • Ensure all entries are tagged correctly on Instagram so you can easily track them.
  • Have someone else judge the contest to make it more unbiased
  • Make sure your content is legal
  • Have a clear contest rules page
  • Include the Hashtag of your company’s name in the post to track engagement and increase brand awareness.
  • Offer prizes that are relevant to your business.
  • Ask users for their email addresses to follow up with them if they win, but don’t ask for personal information like phone numbers or addresses unless you have an opt-in form on your website.
  • Acknowledge all entrants who submit their email addresses by thanking them publicly and providing a link to find out if they’ve won.
  • Choose a theme for your contest.
  • Create an engaging photo or video to post on Instagram
  • Share the image with a caption that includes hashtags and links to enter (in this order: #contest, #giveaway, @username)
  • Include rules in your caption and make sure they’re easy to understand
  • Provide entrants with a deadline date for when you’ll announce the winners
  • Create a contest with a prize that is relevant to your brand
  • Make sure the game is fun and engaging
  • Use hashtags in your post for people to find them on social media
  • Offer an incentive for people to share their posts about the giveaway, such as more entries or product discounts
  • Feature influencers who are active on Instagram to increase engagement
  • Create a list of prizes that are relevant to the brand
  • Choose a theme for the contest
  • Make sure you have enough followers and likes on your account
  • Find people who would be interested in entering the game, including influencers and bloggers
  • Announce the giveaway with an attractive photo or video (no more than 10 seconds)
  • Create a hashtag for your giveaway
  • Post the contest rules and terms of entry on Instagram
  • Tag influencers in posts to help with promotion, especially if they are running similar giveaways at the same time
  • Offer a variety of prizes that will appeal to different people- don’t just give away expensive items like vacations or cars
  • Give entrants something every day so they feel encouraged to enter more often (for example, offer one new entry per day)
  • Make sure you are following all Instagram rules
  • Create a post announcing the contest, including a photo and a brief description of what’s up for grabs.
  • Include hashtags in your caption to reach more people
  • Post a reminder about the giveaway on your other social media accounts
  • Choose an end date for the giveaway and make sure it is at least two weeks away from now so people have time to enter
  • Create an easy entry form that doesn’t require any personal information
  • Include a question in the caption of the giveaway post to get people engaged with the base and increase their chances of following you
  • Make sure there is something valuable enough to make it worth people’s time, like food or tickets to an event
  • Create an Instagram account for your brand
  • Share the contest with followers and other social media accounts
  • Promote the giveaway through Facebook ads or retargeting ads on other websites, as well as any influencers you have access to
  • Collect entries by asking people to follow you, tag friends in a post, comment on your picture, or share it with their followers
  • Set up the contest rules and requirements
  • Create a hashtag for your contest to help people find it
  • Design a custom graphic or icon to promote your giveaway on social media platforms
  • Promote your competition by sharing it with friends and family, as well as influencers in your industry
  • Be mindful of any legalities surrounding battles (i.e., use an app like Gleam that is compliant)


The giveaways can enable businesses to find profits at their fingertips with a considerable fan base. The more fan base you have, the more engagement you will find. Have you ever noticed that after celebrities, business brands are the primary option for the audience who can be customers to follow on Instagram?

The winners can be your brand ambassadors, enabling them to promote your brand on their profile. The only reason behind the success of the Instagram giveaway is winning the hearts of the audience with free and winning stuff.

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