Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2024

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The future is coming at us fast and furiously, but what will the marketing trends look like in 2024? Over the years, we’ve noticed some exciting changes that impact how brands market themselves. Let’s look back to see where we came from and where we might be beheaded.

With so many new marketing trends on the rise, staying up-to-date with what is happening is essential to keep your company on top. Here are some of the most popular marketing trends that will be prevalent in 2024.

The future is a topic that has been debated for centuries. People have always wondered what the world will be like 50 or 100 years from now, and marketing trends are no different. In 2024, marketers might not even need to write blog posts anymore because they could beam their message directly into consumers’ brains via telepathy!

Marketing Trends for 2024

  • Connected devices will become more popular, leading to a rise in IoT companies.
  • Marketing strategies will shift from traditional TV and print ads to social media-focused marketing.
  • Companies must hire new employees with data science, machine learning, and artificial Intelligence skills.
  • Video content on platforms like Facebook Live is expected to grow exponentially.
  • Brands will be more transparent with their customers
  • Customers will become more selective about what they buy and where they spend their money
  • Marketing trends in 2024 will focus on customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction
  • The most successful marketing campaigns of the future will use technology to create personalized experiences for each customer
  • Social media will continue to grow, but it will be more segmented- for example, there may be separate platforms for work and personal use
  • Technology will get even more intelligent, making life easier in many ways
  • More people are going to start their businesses because of the low startup costs and high potential rewards
  • The gig economy is going to ta1. Virtual Reality will be a household item
  • The Millennial generation will be the largest living generation in the US
  • Millennials are more likely to use social media for marketing purposes than any other demographic group
  • Omni-channel marketing
  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence
  • More people will be consuming news on their mobile phones
  • Brands are going to have to find new ways of attracting customers because the ad space is becoming more competitive and expensive
  • Online shopping is expected to account for 10% of total retail sales by 2024
  • Artificial Intelligence will play a more significant role in marketing
  • Marketing Technology
  • Socially Conscious Marketing
  • Mobile-first Methodology
  • Growth in Budget investments
  • Reinstalling old ways of marketing
  • A return to “softer” advertising
  • More people will be using voice search to find products and services
  • Marketing budgets are expected to shift from traditional media channels like TV, radio, print, and billboards to digital channels like Facebook,
  • Marketing Becomes a Service, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest
  • Increase in Digital Marketing
  • More Information on Social Media Platforms
  • Increased Brand Transparency
  • Get story-telling right
  • Solve customer problems effectively
  • Be authentic, Genuine Communication
  • Create Influencer Campaigns for your Brand
  • More focus on AI
  • Data becomes better at predicting consumers
  • Content marketing that is valuable to the customer becomes more valuable online.
  • Strategic partnerships replace solo innovation
  • Marketing takes on a new role
  • Customer Experience is Key
  • Companies build AI into products
  • Data is Everything
  • Data Security All Over the News
  • Content Marketing Changes it up.
  • Strategies will be more focused on the customer.
  • The importance of emotional Intelligence and accessibility will be more apparent.
  • People will expect personalized and individual experiences and services
  • Online and offline marketing strategies and budgets will collide into one
  • The rise of Artificial Intelligence
  • Generation X has become the most significant demographic
  • Digital marketing continues to grow
  • Treat clients like VIPs
  • Engage with content that is social and mobile ready
  • Do not promote yourself but give back to the society
  • Use more targeted offline advertising
  • Focus more on video content
  • Take advantage of the 4K technology
  • Embrace online newsletters
  • Implement more blogs/social media into your campaign
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • There will be an increase in remote workers and freelancers due to technological advances because it is easy to find jobs online.
  • The use of augmented Reality to create a more immersive customer experience
  • The rise in popularity of e-commerce as the norm for shopping
  • A focus on personalization and customization, including clothes and home decor
  • Advertising is expected to move away from interruptive ads towards more subtle forms of advertising that don’t feel intrusive or disruptive
  • The marketing industry is going to become more diverse as a result of the rise in digital marketing
  • There’s going to be an increase in artificial Intelligence for marketing purposes
  • Marketing budgets are going to shift from traditional media channels like TV commercials and print ads toward digital ones
  • Mobile marketing will continue to grow as more people use their phones for shopping and browsing
  • Marketing automation will be the new buzzword, with businesses using AI to target potential customers
  • Influencer marketing is going to become increasingly popular- influencers are seen as a trusted source of information by consumers
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and augmented Reality (AR) will start becoming mainstream in 2024, with marketers taking advantage of these technologies
  • More companies will be using influencer marketing
  • The use of video ads will grow by 25% in 2024
  • Marketers will spend less time on social media, but they’ll have a higher ROI
  • Ads will be more expensive and challenging to create because there is so much competition for attention online.
  • More and more people will be using voice-activated devices to shop
  • Artificial Intelligence will become a significant component of marketing campaigns
  • Marketing budgets will increasingly go towards influencer marketing, including YouTube celebrities and Instagram models
  • Companies that offer customer service with live chat agents or phone calls will have an advantage over companies that do not
  • More companies will be investing in influencer marketing
  • Chatbots will become more popular as they are integrated into chat apps
  • Social media platforms will start to charge for features like live video streaming or ad space
  • Mobile phone usage will continue to grow, with most people using their phones instead of desktop computers
  • Social media will be a significant tool in marketing campaigns due to its ability to target specific demographics and reach large audiences
  • Companies will start using artificial Intelligence for customer service, which is projected to save companies $9 billion by 2024
  • Marketing budgets are p3rojected to increase from 8% of company revenue in 2017 to 9% by 2020, with an average of 10% by 202
  • More and more people are using voice search
  • The death of the physical store
  • Millennials are now in their 30s, so they may have kids who will be marketers in 2024
  • Artificial Intelligence is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool
  • Marketing automation software will be more widely used
  • People will start to use voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home for shopping
  • More brands will create their media content
  • Brands will focus on building customer loyalty by providing personalized experiences.
  • Video content will continue to grow as a form of marketing
  • The use of influencers and celebrities for product promotion has increased
  • More businesses are using chatbots on social media, which can answer questions about products or services in real-time
  • More consumers are using voice-activated assistants to shop online
  • The increase in people spending time on social media for entertainment purposes rather than to keep up with friends and family
  • An increasing number of businesses are shifting away from traditional advertising methods like print ads or TV commercials toward digital marketing techniques
  • Companies will use more videos in their marketing campaigns
  • Content Marketing will become even more critical than it is today
  • Influencer Marketing will grow in popularity, with brands partnering with influencers to create content for them
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality advertising will become mainstream
  • Increased use of augmentRealityity in marketing
  • More brands are using chatbots to answer customer questions
  • Brands will be more transparent about their process and ingredients


A lot of things can happen in five years. The world, technology, and marketing trends will change drastically by 2024.

Talk to us about our Marketing Consultant services if you want to stay on the cutting edge of what’s happening with your customers and potential leads.

We work closely with businesses like yours to help them understand their target audience to create content that resonates strongly enough for people to buy products or sign up for a service from your company instead of someoelse’se’s business.

Are there any changes coming soon that have caught your attention? Let us know!

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