SEO Due Diligence Audit Consulting

The procedure reaches a few non-binding term sheets before a company is acquired or investments are made in the private market. However, before binding, it is required to validate the data and assumptions made through the process, called due diligence. The scope varies based on the deal size and access to buyer information, which were controlled through a digital data room. Purchase our SEO Due Diligence Audit Services and gain its benefits.

How Can One Conduct SEO Due Diligence Audit?

SEO due diligence audit can be defined as a procedure that is carried out to analyze the workings of digital marketing. This aids in understanding performance in the future for acquirers and investors. In short, an SEO due diligence is performed for:

  • Evaluating risk
  • Analyzing plans and projection details
  • In-depth study of marketing teams
  • Analyze the upward growth utilizing new methods or better and well-planned implementation of strategies.

The Checklist for SEO Due Diligence Audit

  • Ensure that a single version of your website is browseable
  • You also have to initiate a crawl of the website
  • Crosscheck on Google to ensure there aren’t any indexation issues
  • Evaluate whether your brand name ranks higher
  • Perform basic on-page SEO manually
  • Carry out in-depth understanding to unearth more on-page problems, which can be determined through the crawl report.
  • Crosscheck if there is any duplicate content

What Is the Appropriate Method of Carrying Out an Integrated Site Audit?

  • Select the perfect tool for the site audit
  • Now feed in your website URL and run the website
  • Check for any technical errors
  • Check out for SEO issues
  • Evaluate the UX and Design
  • Evaluate the content published.

What Is Included in an SEO Audit?

In simple terms, an SEO audit can be elucidated as the process that aids in analyzing how well your online presence is in sync with the practice. It is the foremost step to develop an implementation plan whose results can be measured. The primary aim of the audit is to identify foundational problems that affect the organic search in the niche.

How to Do a Content Audit?

  • Include essential elements during a keyword search
  • Create novel ideas for your content
  • Analyze the ideas
  • Based on your content strategy, you can also go on to include videos

Defining SEO Audit

An SEO audit is a process of carrying out a complete analysis of every aspect related to websites and their search visibility. This will help you gauge and gain an in-depth understanding of your website performance in addition to aiding you in answering questions relating to why the website is not generating traffic or why the sales and conversion are not in tandem with your expectations.

Why Is a Site Audit Needed?

The primary purpose of a website audit is to identify the varied issues relating to the website. It aids in determining if your website is accurately optimized for garnering traffic from a search engine. Are there any disrupted links or files? If it loads quickly, is it user-friendly, and does it include well-ideated web content? Although your website is garnering traffic, a site audit assists in analyzing if your website can reach its full potential. Not crosschecking these issues may lead to a reduction in traffic, as well as conversions. SEO as a tool is the continuous chain of work to check consistency and website optimization. Thus, it is essential to add regular audits to ensure your website grows ahead in SEO.

How to Conduct a Site Audit?

Conducting a site audit manually will be pretty tenacious, even though it is for seasoned SEO, especially if it is a large or old website. Additionally, when you conduct the SEO site audit for thousands and hundreds of web pages and resources, it becomes even more essential to utilize appropriate audit tools. Numerous SEO tools are rendered to make website auditing easy.

  • Hence, go on to pick the Site Audit Tool for your website, which aids you to:
  • Scan your website and check if there are any technical issues
  • Identify off-page and on-page SEO problems
  • Analyze if there are any broken links or files, both internal as well as external
  • Identify duplicate content
  • Analyze issues related to page loading, errors, and pages blocked by robots.txt.
  • Develop a checklist enlisting the matters required to be fixed.
  • Run the website URL using the site audit too;
  • Identify technical errors: Common problems include:
  • Replicate long, short, or missing title tags
  • Replicate long, brief, or missing meta descriptions
  • Duplicate or missing alt text of image or title text
  • Missing code for Google Analytics
  • Absence or presence of headings such as H2, H3, etc.
  • Incorrect or missing microdata
  • Internal links and anchor text left non-optimized
  • Check UX and Design
  • Check the Content of the Website
  • Develop a checklist for the site issues

SEO Due Diligence Audit

Is your website delivering the desired result? Does it include any issues related to SEO? Our due diligence audit assures you make the best decision, which can bring profit to your website. With our due diligence audit services, you can gain the following:

    • Identify issues related to the SEO of your website
    • Check and assess the backlink profile for your website
    • Elucidate the opportunities for near-term SEO upside after the acquisition is carried out.
    • Determine what the key onsite issues related to SEO


  • Quantify the issues to aid in purchase price negotiations
  • Offer an in-detail assessment of acquisition risk
  • Ensure peace for purchasing the website

SEO Due Diligence for Investments and Acquisition

Carrying out SEO Due Diligence for Investments and Acquisition is essential as it is deeply based on organic search traffic compared to the stipulated amount of revenue spent. Suppose the base of SEO happens to be arduous. In that case, it will affect organic traffic, thereby leading to the risk of reducing or even turning the changes obsolete on the website.

Not only this, but it can also turn it redundant when updating the search engine algorithm, competitive landscape, etc. We aid in checking the SEO score for websites and identifying the SEO issues, thus making your buy a profit for your business. We can also do eCommerce SEO due to diligence analysis for you to have a profitable proposition.


Site auditing forms an integral part of optimizing websites. It works peculiarly by identifying issues and performing the necessary maintenance work to remain on top of the website. It helps in tackling problems in an integrated and organized manner. Thus, it becomes essential to systemize the website surrounding SEO requirements. A Due Diligence SEO audit thereby aids in ensuring your website follows the set norms for SEO practice and keeps your website in good health.

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