Header Bidding: The Ultimate Guide to Header Bidding in Programmatic

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Header Bidding in Programmatic

Are you excited to have a higher viewability rate as an Advertiser with Header Bidding?

Do you strike in the middle to obtain a higher CPM as a Publisher?

The only term that benefits both the buyers and sellers is Header bidding.

Header bidding:

The auctions have taken place to directly participate with the real-time bidding partners to get links and exchange ads within the website using the programmatic technology. It will lead the sites to find reasonable prices for their ads.

Header bidding is a term that was encountered a couple of years. Many of us know little about header bidding, an additional auction outside the ad server.

The header of any web page contains the metadata and calls scripts. The title is thus the best area to conduct an auction. The publisher controls this auction and can field bids on every page before the ad placements load.

Did you know?

86% of people have approached the Header Bidding provider, and more than half 53% of publishers use it. 

How does header bidding work?

While loading the content, the JavaScript in the publisher’s header tag enables buyers to bid. The header tag connects to multiple ad networks when a user visits the web page. Ad networks place the bids, and winning the request is returned to the user.

Then, the bid is passed to the publisher’s ad server. Then, the user is redirected to the advertiser’s server, and the final creative is returned. This process takes only a few fractions of a second.

Importance of Header Bidding

Header bidding is essential for both publishers and advertisers. It helps the publishers to get increased revenue. The impressions are auctioned off simultaneously for all the demand partners, even before the publisher’s ad server.

Earlier, the publishers couldn’t get the first look at every impression, but with header bidding, they can look at every impact. However, winning the feeling depends on how much they are ready to pay for it.

Header Bidding helps publishers sell their ad inventory for the best price. Header Bidding means that publishers can see an increase in their revenue. Other factors can affect income, including audience size, geography, etc.

Did you know?

Header Bidding is a technique for publishers to make every impression grammatically to ensure in a real-time competition.

Advertisers can access the premium inventory. Ad buyers can look at all the publishers’ impressions but not the only unsold ones.

Accessing the header bidding auction

Marketers first have to buy ad inventory from header actions. Then they should find publishers who support it. These could be new and existing publishers performing well in current campaigns.

Begin with the list of publishers that are valuable to you. Bid very high to win the impressions from header auctions. Another way to access head auctions is to approach the publishers directly and to secure privileged feelings.

Establishing a deal in a private marketplace is beneficial as the user ID can be used in the campaigns that allow accessing high-priority inventory from the header auction.

Header Bidding benefits for publishers

The publishers will have an increased choice of demand. Publishers will be able to integrate with multiple demand partners. Publishers can know how much impressions are worth. It offers more control and more bid transparency. Another benefit is eliminating the need for passback.

It allows multiple bidder bids simultaneously, increasing the yield and revenue. Publishers can sell their inventory to the highest bidder and provide control over who wins the impression.

Benefits of header bidding for buyers

When it is used, the buyer will be able to see the entire publisher’s inventory, and they can understand the reach more clearly. Buyers can access more audiences.

Did you know?

24% of the top 1000 domains are running it, and 47% have multiple bidders.

They will be able to generate bid requests for every impression. Another essential benefit for buyers is that the buyer will be able to check and set first-party cookies. It is because the ad request is made directly from the page.

Cons of header bidding for publishers and buyers

It proved to be beneficial for both publishers and buyers. But there are some cons also.

The experience of header bidding for publishers depends on how complicated the website is.

An AdOps professional needed to be hired to update the JavaScript code. If the coding is not updated, the waterfall effect continues to occur.

Advertisers with large budgets will not lose much, but smaller brands may lose the bidding war.

The companies will have access to all publisher inventory, and the advertisers will not have the advantage of buying guaranteed deals with publishers.

Who should implement header bidding?

It is beneficial for both publishers and buyers. It is a win-win for both. Publishers will have increased revenue, and advertisers can get premium inventory.

The ROI of brands increases when it is used. Some things have to be considered before implementing it.

  • Header bid might impact the page load time if not set up correctly.
  • There are some concerns about user privacy when using it. This is because buyers gain insight into the users. It is necessary to check whether this outweighs the benefits.

Before implementing header bidding, learn everything about it and how it can benefit when integrated with the website. It is straightforward, and only a single tag is added to the Web page.

Did you know?

This leads to a rise in page load time on websites. 

However, skilled engineers need services to set up and measure performance.

It proved to be the most effective tool for increasing ad revenue on-site. Per the statistics, the ideal number of header bidding partners is four to seven.

Studies revealed this is the golden number, bringing the best CPM rates. Having more header bidding partners also claimed to increase revenue.


It is the most sought one in the present market that is more advantageous to buyers and sellers. The integration of header bidding will simultaneously benefit both advertisers and publishers.

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