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We know that content is the king of marketing, as it is the only word that is ruling the entire global market. Content Marketing Plays a crucial role in B2B Marketing Strategies.

How is it going to have that power as a unique figure?

What does Content Marketing do?

Content Marketing

The high-quality content that is most relevant and valuable can be generated in the form of multiple categories like blogs, videos, social media shareable posts, etc. This highly encourages audiences or users to participate in the purchase of services or products promoted on all social media platforms that are part of search engines like Google and Bing.

Did you know?

More than 40 times the visual content has been shared on social media platforms.

Content Marketing Best Practices:

Content has remained the most valuable asset for the business for promoting brands. More than 80% of employees hired by every company to their business goals. Here we have to compile the ten best practices for Content Marketing.

Editorial Calendar

Update the content that maybe every day, monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly, create an editorial calendar schedule the content to update. It helps you update your content up to date need not worry about what to write or search for suitable topics.

Use Different Content Formats

Create content in different formats like audio, video, and text file formats. Depending on the audience’s performance, you can analyze and update the content in various ways. waysgraphic formats, video files, blog posts, and audio files are uploaded to social media websites, depending on the nature of the activity.

Start a Blog

Blogs purely support content to update blog posts every day but are not that much used by business people. However, for content marketers, blogs are essential. People who love to write blog posts and who have a habit of reading always stay on blogs.

Expensive Content Marketing

Marketers think that content is precious to generate; there are many ways to overcome it. If it is costly to spend on content markets once it has clicked on business, then it seems to be low compared to your generated revenue.

Quality Content

Create quality and unique content for your websites or blogs. The content you have posted not copied from other sites, no external links included in the material, it should have appropriate content relevant to your titles.

Write for People and Search Engines

Write quality content for people and search engines. All parties should be entertained with your content on websites, so make sure that you write content for people who are visiting your site.

At the same time, write for search engines because search engines grab your data from titles and descriptions and focus keywords according to Google Search Algorithms.

SEO Best Practices

Make sure that your designed website and content on the website follow the SEO best practices. Choose CMS websites, they are SEO friendly and WordPress sites top-rated for SEO.

SEO for content included with Header tags, Titles, Descriptions, Focus Keywords, internal links, external links, metadata, and alt tags for a search engine.

Publish Content on Social Media

Post your content in all related social media sites for user engagement. Social Media will distribute your content through more audiences and create as possible backlinks.

Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, and other social media networks dramatically changes your audience reach and website traffic.

Respond to Client Request

Respond positively to the client’s requirements and to brand a new product. Be interactive and respond to the audience’s comments answer to them to get more user engagement. Solve the queries asked by clients and customers to identify the problem and improve your revenue.

Measure Success

A successful marketer always focuses on measuring their performance. The success of a business depends on the types of the industry, where people are engaging with you, and the source that individual persons are approaching.

They measure the success of Emails, Keyword searches, views from social media, direct contact, type of content, and other factors.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating relevant data that is valuable to the targeted audience to enhance brand awareness and increase profitability.

Content marketing is the most effective tool for businesses of any size and helps in lead generation and brand building. Consistency and quality are the keys to content marketing success.

Types of Content Marketing

Content marketing today is not just publishing the article in a newspaper or blog or telling a great story relating to the business. There are many ways in which the message can deliver. Here are the significant types of content marketing.


Adding relevant images to the blog posts or social media Posts can strengthen the message while telling the brand story. It increases shares and posts.

How-to guides:

This type of content is beneficial and valuable to the audience. It shows expertise in the field. Having relevant pictures and videos improves effectiveness.


videos are considered the best tool for delivering the message efficiently. Videos can share on the website, social media page, or the blogs.

Social Media Posts:

Every business, irrespective of size, is using a social media account to reach more audiences. Spreading messages and improving contacts with prospective customers is comfortable with social media.


Another easy and efficient way to spread messages is to write blogs. Use this type of content marketing to solve the issues of the audience.


An interactive video to share knowledge with interested people. It is possible to allow visitors to ask questions and reach people in the related field with webinars.

While selecting a type of content marketing, businesses have to take several aspects into account. These include the target audience, type of product or service, and the goal of content marketing and so on.

Taking Content Marketing to the next level

Take full advantage of blogging, but use it to test the efforts and process. Keep the blog entertaining to attract and engage an audience. Try offering solutions to the problems of the audience and let it be the educational resource for the readers. Link your posts to other content and have the relevant call to action.

Define the goals of the content, gives an idea of what to include in the material, how to distribute what metrics should be analyzed to track the success. No single parameter can provide the details of the success of the content.

Choose the right KPIs based on your goals. Choose the right platform to measure the success of the material. Nurture leads with social media and email drip campaigns.

Do not overlook the traditional email campaigns. These are simple, easy, and effective to deliver the right message to the right audience and enhance their brand experience.

Content Marketing Tips

  • Create a blog for the company.
  • KeeppePeople’stion by creating quality content. If the content is high, then the shares and engagement are more.
  • If it is not possible to create new content, then repurpose your old content.
  • Choosing the right platform to publish content is very important. For this, you have to know where your target audience is. Content also should be appropriately promoted to increase engagement.
  • Have images and videos in the content. These hold the attention of the audience and powerfully convey the message. However, ensure that these are relevant to your content.

Trends to look for in content marketing

The evolution of digital technologies is providing businesses with many opportunities to create innovative and inspiring content for their prospective customers.
Mobile devices are going to be used for accessing the content. Optimizing the content for mobile devices will ensure success in the coming days.

Traditional banner ads are not going to show any effect on the consumers, and businesses will have to add a human touch to their content marketing strategy to attract the customers. Native advertising is going to dominate the content marketing strategy in the next couple of years.

According to studies, consumers believe online reviews and personal recommendations. Get a celebrity or local personality to promote the brand to connect with millennial consumers.

It is essential to automate content marketing efforts as there are many platforms to use, such as social media and email marketing. Marketing automation nurtures leads, saves time, and improves content marketing efficiency.

Top 50 Content Marketing Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Know

Content marketing involves creating shareable, valuable, consumable content in any form and distributing it through various mediums to reach target consumers. Let us see some content marketing tools for every digital marketer.

Some content marketing tools are useful for businesses to enhance their efforts and boost success. Content marketing investment is increased to meet the demands of the audience, which expands the universe of content marketing tools.


Socialbakers allows tracking metrics and statistics for any size of marketing on various social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


The cuisine is another social media analytics tool to monitor, engage, and analyze keywords.


Analyze social media engagement with a powerful Crowdbooster tool.


Transporter uses real-time data and recognizes trending topics on social media and provides information to marketers to create or make changes to their content strategy.

Social analytics tool

It is another useful social analytics tool that provides competitor comparison analysis and other social media insights.


Alexa is a tool used to boost traffic and revenue. It is a traffic tool and gives information on traffic data and global rankings.


Webtrends is used to get information on analytical intelligence, customer intelligence, targeting, and more.


Mixpanel is another social marketing tool that tracks user interactions. It has an app test and user survey form.


Cosmetics is a commercial tool, and its features are behavioral analytics, segmentation, and email campaign automation.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that offers analytics solutions.


Parse.ly allows administrators to track the performance of topics.

Squeeze CMM

Squeeze CMM estimates content ROI, generates reports, and also tracks the activity of the audience.

Did you know?

75% companies are stepping ahead to raise the budget for content marketing in the elaboration of branding.

Insight Squared

Insight Squared helps to maximize sales by offering Salesforce analytics solutions.

Bright funnels

The Bright Funnels tool provides forecasting solutions for B2B marketers and also shows the impact of marketing strategies on sales.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a suite for online marketing. It helps in tracking organic and paid search campaign keywords, SEO, PPC, and social media and research.


If you want an integrated tool for inbound marketing, SEO, or content marketing, then choose Moz.


BrightEdge is an SEO and content performance marketing platform that helps in generating traffic and creating SEO-friendly content.


Shift improves brand discoverability on social and search platforms.

Serpstat SEO

The SerpStat SEO tool is used to analyze backlinks, conduct keyword research, conduct site audits, etc.


Thumbs can be used through Instagram or by taking a free subscription. It is a community of content creators.


WordPress is a blogging tool that allows custom themes to be created, content to be published, and plugins to be added.


Drupal is a CMS tool that allows companies or individuals to tailor their sites as per their requirements.


Contentful is a content management platform for editors and developers.


Peridot is a marketing automation tool for creating leads, empowering sales, etc.


Hubspot offers inbound marketing and sales platform services and helps boost traffic, convert leads, etc.


The action is another tool for marketing automation. Users can organize campaigns or measure results with this.


SalesPanda is software for inbound marketing automation. It boosts website traffic and leads.

Did you know?

7.8x more engagement for the website has been obtained only through content marketing.


Infustionsoft is a marketing software that is especially suitable for small businesses. It combines CRM, marketing automation, payment solutions, etc.


Marketo helps the sales and marketing teams prioritize prospects based on different criteria, such as behavior criteria.


Magnetite is a marketing tool for digital marketers to get data insights, e-commerce personalization, analytics, testing, and merchandising.

40 Nuggets

40 Nuggets is also a marketing automation tool that analyzes the audience.


Average helps marketers get better engagement and converts visitors to the website.


Tripoli is used by marketers to personalize calls to action, content, and personalize messaging for multichannel campaigns.

I contact

It is an email marketing tool that helps with list segmentation and creates Sign-up forms and HTML emails.

Campaign Monitor

The campaign monitor tool that creates, sends, and optimizes email marketing campaigns is very easy.


RapidMail is another marketing tool that helps in the growth of readership and subscriptions by providing statistics and insights.


GetResponse is another email marketing tool that sends email newsletters, online surveys, and campaigns.


MailChimp is another marketing automation tool that sends emails, builds the brand, etc.


The Decorated tool is used to create presentations with repurposed content.


Suva is an online sales enablement tool that benchmarks the user sales enablement process.


Post-war, apart from creating emails, calls, and meetings, it also manages content for sales teams.

Jive Software

Jive Software helps the organization or work. It helps to stay organized and improve sales.


The salesperson is another marketing tool for digital marketers that provides automation and marketing and sales aligning services for middle-sized B2B companies.


Tweetdeck helps in managing multiple Twitter accounts, calculates brand mentions and hashtags, schedules tweets, etc.


HootSuite also helps in managing multiple social media accounts, analyzes traffic to social media sites, and schedules tweets and messages.


A buffer is another marketing tool for digital marketers that helps in managing social media accounts by adding images, articles, and videos and scheduling posts.

The buffer is a social media content marketing tool that makes it possible to schedule, manage, and analyze the content. It helps boost KPI.


Keyhole provides the data of people who used themarketer’ss hashtag to post content and also keeps track of the Retweets and impressions.

Twitter functioning tool

The audience has a Twitter functioning tool that helps to follow trends.

Meltwater Buzz

Meltwater Buzz monitors and analyzes user engagement.

Social Mention

Social Mention analyzes content across multiple social media platforms, and this is a listing tool for mentions in social media.

Some content marketing tools are useful for businesses to enhance their efforts and boost success. Content marketing investment is increased to meet the demands of the audience, which expands the universe of content marketing tools.


Kajabi is a content marketing tool that helps in creating many kinds of digital products. It optimizes the content for mobile devices. It has a user-friendly interface.

Narrow :

Narrow is a content marketing tool for the Twitter platform. It allows analyzing, targeting, and managing multiple Twitter accounts.

Clear voice:

The Clear voice is useful in every area of content marketing, be it the management of content, distribution, or the measurement.

Creating excellent content with lots of valuable information for the audience is not enough. Getting more outreach needed and the mentioned above content marketing tools help digital marketers to get a massive response for their content.

Content Marketing Statistics for 2020

  • More than 70% of businesses prefer quality content over quantity.
  • Above 62% of companies having more than 5,000e5,000 employeesrdeliver content.
  • The tough challenge for businesses regarding content marketing is the lack of data, which is 27%.
  • The organic search generates 51% of content consumption.
  • More than 64% of B2B marketers are in the use of SEM and PPC for content distribution.
  • 78% of content marketing businesses are inheriting the press release as the content marketing strategy.
  • More than 91% of consumers reward the business brands for their legitimacy.
  • Social media is the only content distribution channel for 94% of marketers.
  • More than 47% of B2B marketers are not scaling the ROI over content marketing efforts.
  • More than 40% of B2C content marketers are analyzing competitor performance.

Did you know?

88% of B2B marketers completely rely on content marketing.


Content is the king that can help achieve success in digital marketing. Businesses should tell their brand story to enjoy success. Prioritize content marketing and achieve the goals.

If you want to have the realistic results of getting continuous audience engagement, then you should research creating fantastic content that exactly matches the preferences of the customers.

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