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WhatsApp for Business

Instant Messaging App Whatsapp officially launched its new Business App for small businesses to communicate with customers directly.

The new business app was formally launched in selected markets, including India, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy, the UK, and the US, and it is planning to start WhatsApp for Business Worldwide in the future.

WhatsApp launched a new accessible Business app to download in all Android Stores. It is available in All Google Play Stores for download and allows businesses to respond to customers quickly. It provides the best features like messaging tools, metrics, web WhatsApp, business profiles, and account types.

WhatsApp for BusinessBusinessp for business helps in two ways: direct communication with customers and doBusinesscient business. Business for business is initially an entry point to the market aimed at small businesses.

WhatsApp Business will make it more comfortable for people to connect quickly and straightforwardly. Many clothing companies already use WhatsApp Business for business.

Businesses that use Business can connect with ordinary WhatsApp users. The company said that people using Ordinary WhatsApp do not need to download a new app.

Those using WhatsApp for clothing and online grocery stores will continue using the regular version of WhatsApp accounts. The business account has not yet been rolled out in India. They will launch it in the coming weeks.

Did you know?

Overall 800 million people use Whatsapp every month.

How WhatsApp Works For Business Accounts: Business for Business is free to download from Android App Stores. Follow the procedure below to create the new Business Whatsapp Account for Business.


Search for the “Whatsapp Businesses” and download it from the Google Play store.


Follow the Terms and Conditions and accept them. Always read the updated terms and conditions. Fully, then only take it.


SignUp with a mobile number that is not linked to another Whatsapp Account. If your name is linked to another WhatsApp account, request the backup flip into the Business Account and enter the Business details.


Start engaging with the audience and monitor the activities. WhatsApp has given a chance to add a description of the business, Store address, website address, email, and business information in Settings.

You can enter the complete information about your business under the Business Settings.

Now you are successfully enrolled in WhatsApp’s new Business Account.

Features Of Whatsapp Business App

Once established or finished with the Whatsapp Business App, businesses can use the tools and features provided by the app, similar to those used in the Facebook messenger app.

Messaging Tools:

Quick replies provide quick answers to the customers for Frequently asked questions. They are greeting messages introducing the business the business, letting them know you are busy, Orders Received, Shipping Done, Offers news, etc.

Business Profiles:

Business profiles help customers gain more information about the company. It also helps to communicate efficiently through the email address and with the provided website links.

Business Account users can add all company and business details in the Business Settings.

Whatsapp Web:

WhatsApp web provides desktop communication to consumers to communicate with businesses efficiently. This is best for the companies because all the product file formats are compatible with mobile apps due to large file sizes and memory issues.

Did you know?

Whatsapp support 60 languages Worldwide and 55 Billion Messages sent per day.

Messaging Statistics:

It provides business owners with simple messaging metrics to know the business. A business can check if the customer read the message within weeks. According to that, a company can change approaches to implement new ideas on how to reach customers and convert customers into buyers.

Account Type:

One of the best and essential parts here is that business owners can list themselves as a business after installing the app to ensure efficient contact with the customers and know them as business owners. WhatsApp is conforming them with the verified accounts. The Operator of the WhatsApp for Business account uses the same number as the actual business account number.

The business app will later join with the entrepreneur’s versions aimed at global businesses. The company indicates that 1.3 billion users are now using WhatsApp for business in Brazil. WhatsApp marketing is the best way to connect and engage with customers.

Best Practices of WhatsApp for Business

The company clarifies that regular users can continue using the same account without downloading the new Business app again. As per the current research, Android users are interested in using WhatsApp, so the company launched WhatsApp Business for Android Users and is planning to launch another platform.

WhatsApp has become the primary source for messaging as fast as you make calls. Millions of people use WhatsApp to communicate with the shares and videos.

Customer Communication:

Instead of phone calls, you will get 405 more responsibility for the sales products. No one will respond to the company’s customer care calls or call the companies for product information.

WhatsApp efficiently connects and provides better engagement with customers. WhatsApp calling reaches international customer communication.
For example, what would you do if you sent a maiBusinessl to the business and didn’t get a fast response from the concerned customer? Just send a simple text through WhatsApp towill get a quick response.

Internal team Communication:

Everyone uses WhatsApp for messaging and communication; it does not require any training. We can arrange team meetings through the features of WhatsApp video calling. Discuss the business improvements and share their ideas through internal team communication.

Your company has WhatsApp group chats; there is no need to send and waste time through email. You can instantly connect with the team for sales and departmental meetings.

Marketing And Promotions:

Some businesses listed WhatsApp as the best tool for direct one-to-one communication and a powerful marketing tool. You can send images, short video clips, audio clips, and text messages describing your products through WhatsApp worldwide.

WhatsApp provides genuine communication with loyal customers in digital marketing. You can reach the customers you know through groups or persons rather than searching for new customers. Some companies introduced motivational challenges like sending selfies with their products and announcing prizes.

Did you know?

One Billion daily active users on Whatsapp Messanger.

As a Customer Support:

WhatsApp could be an excellent tool for customer support rather than sending the bulk of emails and SMS. Your customer always prefers to send WhatsApp messages instead of calling the help desk and raising the tickets to solve the problems.

But it is not supposed to be used for businesses of businesses. Only if your company has fewer people can you use WhatsApp for Customer support.

Creative Usage of Whatsapp for Business:

Some people use WhatsApp to create efficient business models that target regular customers. It is a cost-effective way to use. You can save a lot of money instead of advertising with ad campaigns. If you are a small business owner, click Whatsapp Business for better results.

Real Case studies

Many brands successfully promote their business brand on WhatsApp, through which the brand of products or services reaches real-time customers.


Hellman’s Brazil Whatscook video ad campaign through Whatsapp’s mobile app has blown its marketing strategy by providing personalized service to users. When consumers sign in to the WhatsCook online campaign, they can get advice and tips from the chef by uploading photos of their refrigerator’s ingredients.

It is a much more exciting and trendy concept implemented by Hellman’s. The queries from the users were answered within seconds, and the consumers can enjoy this service through social media sites. Still, by enabling WhatsApp, the chefs provide personalized service directly.

Hellman’s unique and strategic idea has proved that WhatsApp can be the most engaging mobile app to gain consumers’ attention instantly. The acceptance of 99.5% of users and signups of 13,000 will show the reach of the success milestone, especially in Brazil, by clutching the user’s attention to participate in such activity through WhatsApp.

Imaginary Bouncer:

Absolut Vodka has used WhatsApp for business branding with the launch of the ‘limited edition Absolut Unique bottle collection’ in Argentina. Almost 84% of the users were using WhatsApp when the promotion arrived. At the start of the ‘edition,’ users were invited to participate in the party.

The imaginary bouncer ‘Sven’ has to permit the participants to enter the party. It will happen when they use WhatsApp to get tickets from him. The condition is only two invitations are available.


The BBC’s use of WhatsApp to bring awareness about the virus in West Africa has become successful. The series “Young, Angry and Connected” has been hosted by BBC Africa to share the marginalized Africans who intend to vibrate their voice using social media sharing apps. The news publishers and sites using the social media Whatsapp to reach the public have proven this.


The best deals and offers on the gifts have been disclosed to the customers through WhatsApp by the online gift seller “Buyagift.” The echoes of the successful launch of personal branding through personal messages of notifying alerts through the Whatsapp mobile app have resulted in immediate customer response.

Technical Specifications Required

Whatsapp Business:

  • Version: 2.18.21(161)
  • Android minimum: 4.0.3+
  • Download file size: 32 MB
  • Developer: WhatsApp Inc

Future Scope of WhatsApp for Business

Cost-effective branding:

Through the WhatsApp Business app, brands can easily Business their business by sending personalized messages at no charge. The costly service message-sending apps will be flooded through the entry of the WhatsApp Business app. The cost of sending messages will vanish entirely by it, enabling businesses to be in touch with customers frequently.

No spam messages and authentic service provider:

It will notify the users whether or not messages are coming from the particular verified service provider. It can easily filter spam messages from unknown service providers, which could be very beneficial for all the users of the Whatsapp Business app.

Exposing the nature of the brand to the customers:

The feature’ Business Profiles’ allows the customers to know particular brand details like the website, store address, ema, il, etc., which helps the companies establish the nature of one brand with the complete trust of the audiences.

Did you know?

People send 4.5 Billion Photos and 1 Billion Videos shared per day.

Driving better sales with no investment:

The hype of business brands at the real-time customers will be used to drive vast sales as they provide complete company details by going through the verified process. All this happens with no investment to make promotions.

Statistical analysis of the customers:

The business owners will generate the number of messages delivered, sent, and read by the customers. It helps businesses by better understanding the customers to serve the required products or services. Through this, the business owners can give instant replies by contacting the customers directly.

Long-lasting customer relationships through WhatsApp Web:

Instant customer replies can be given through the business owner’s computer browser without relying on the mobile app. It reflects the brand’s dedication to the customers and its desire to continue the long-lasting customer relationship.


WhatsApp Business is the most efficient tool for all small and large-scale businesses to explore their brands instantly. It could be an appreciative idea to launch the Whatsapp Business as millions of users use Whatsapp, and it becomes easy for the brands to promote their business brand to real-time customers.

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