How to Create a Custom Geofilter on Snapchat

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Custom Geofilter on Snapchat

It is the right time to attract a new audience through innovative techniques in the digital marketing field. Snapchat is an extraordinary way to attract young people ages 14-34. Have you ever heard that Snapchat can reach a new audience? Here is everything about creating a Custom Geofilter on Snapchat.

Confidently say yes, because Snapchat GeoFilters create magic in Social Media Marketing. Currently, Snapchat Custom Geofilters are trending in Snapchat Marketing.

Snapchat Geofilters can attract more advertisers and brands. Creating custom Geofilters and Lenses allows users to create incredibly customizable and sustainable location-based Geofilters suitable for all locations.

Steps to Create Custom Geofilters on Snapchat

Creating custom geofilters on Snapchat is a fun and creative way to engage with your audience, whether for a personal event like a birthday or wedding or for business promotions. Here are the steps to create and submit a custom filter on Snapchat:

Step 1: Design Your Geofilter

  • Software Tools: Use graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or free alternatives like Canva to create your geofilter. Snapchat requires that the file be saved in PNG format with a transparent background.
  • Guidelines and Dimensions: Follow Snapchat’s guiSnapchat’sr geofilters. The image should be 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high.
  • Creative Tips: Keep your design simple and make sure it doesn’t cover the doesn’t of the screen. Include relevant graphics and text that reflect the event or promotion.

Step 2: Log In to Snapchat’s GeoSnapchat’sl

  • Snapchat Account: Log in to your Snapchat account and navigate to the ‘Create Your Own’ section on the filter page.

Step 3: Upload Your Design

  • Upload File: Click on the upload button and select your PNG file. Snapchat will check if the design meets the technical specifications.

Step 4: Set the Geofence

  • Map Tool: Use the map tool to draw a geofence around the area where you want your geofilter to be available. This defines where users can access and use your geofilter.
  • Geofencing Tips: Be precise with the area to control costs, as pricing is based on the size of the geofence and the duration of the filter’s avail filter’s

Step 5: Schedule the Filter

  • Date and Time: Choose the start and end dates and times for your geofilter. This scheduling is crucial, especially for events, to ensure the filter is only available during specific hours.

Step 6: Submit and Pay

  • Review and Payment: After setting your geofence and schedule, submit your geofilter for Snapchat’s revSnapchat’sill need to provide payment information at this stage. The cost will vary depending on the geofence size and duration.
  • Approval Process: Snapchat will review your submission to ensure it meets all community guidelines and terms of service. This review can take a few business days.

Step 7: Monitor Performance

  • Metrics: Once your filter is live, you can monitor its performance through Snapchat’s metSnapchat’susage and views. This data can be valuable for assessing the impact of your geofilter and planning future campaigns.

Creating a custom geofilter on Snapchat allows for unique brand placement and personalization, making your event or campaign more engaging and memorable. By following these steps and guidelines, you can effectively integrate this creative tool into your digital strategy.

Types Of GeoFilters on Snapchat

There are two types of Geofilters: Community GeoFilters and On-Demand GeoFilters.

Community Geofilters :

Community Geofilters are for universities, cities, and public locations. An individual artist can use or submit this type of Community GeoFilters. If you are a business person, you cannot use community Geofilters.

On-Demand GeoFilters:

To use On-Demand Geofilters, you must spend some money to buy the On-demand GeoFilters. Businesses and an individual can access this type of On – Demand GeoFilters. It’s not a big deal to spend $20 on the company. On-demand geofilters can cost less than $20.

Sponsored Filters :

Sponsored filters used for Snapchat ads. People used to share these filters with Snapchat ad sponsors, formerly for significant events, pre-release functions, and product launches.

Data Filters:

Depending upon your device, Snapchat delivers information. Data filters showcase general things like current weather, time, battery life, and day of the week.

Tips to Create Custom Geofilters on Snapchat

Mentioning the Caption in your photos or video will increase your audience engagement by 56%. That means it is rising more than half of the audience engagement.

Post your Snapchat photos and videos with extraordinary titles and captions. Instead of just posting the images, add tags to your photos.

Add colored filters to your snaps using Emojis. Take the Emoji to keep zooming it and push the Emoji to the corner over and over until you get the pixelated, faded look from the edge of the Emoji. It covers up your whole snap and looks in a different color.

Think carefully about your selection process for the geofence. The Geofilters should cover only mandatory areas in a county.

Rules For Submission Of Snapchat GeoFilters

Snapchat graphics must be original unless you use them for business purposes.

A business person can use only logos and trademarks, not more than that.

According to the Snapchat submission guidelines, a snap should be 1080 pixels in width and 1920 pixels in height.

The file size should not exceed 300 kb for submission to Snapchat GeoFilters.

Snapchat graphics should be visually apparent, and it doesn’t cover anything.

Some people use Lenses for Snapchat ads. Like Snapchat-sponsored filters, we have custom lenses for Snapchat.

Custom Lenses are more costly than On-Demand GeoFilters.


Creating Custom Geofilters is not a difficult task, but you should be careful enough in the selection process. Everyone who uses Snapchat GeoFilters should follow these guidelines for ultimate results.

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