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Ad fraud is one of the biggest problems. Online advertising companies face billions of dollars in costs per year. Fraud sellers pretend to present premium publishers, and the advertisers will think that their advertisements will be displayed on repubtablewebsite.com.

It is terrible for the publishers as they might lose the brand value and credibility, and the advertisers may experience losses in advertising dollars — everything about Ads.Txt is given here.

What is ads.txt?

Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech (Lab) IAB introduced Ads.txt to improve transparency in programmatic advertising.

It is aimed at combating ad fraud. It was released in May 2017 and helped brands and advertisers to buy authentic digital media. It also makes it harder for a fraudster to profit by selling inventory to which they have no right.

This Ad stands for Authorized Digital Sellers. In the programmatic advertising ecosystem, it was introduced to fight common problems, such as domain spoofing.

The great thing about this is that the publishers will have complete control as they can access the domain and upload the ads.txt file.

This file is designed to support the publisher who markets the ad inventory through one particular channel. Publisher inventory selling is supported via content syndication partnerships, programmatic partners, and ad exchanges.

How does Ads.txt work?

Adx.txt, proposed by IAB, is a text file. It is going to reside on the ad server of a publisher. This file contains the list of companies authorized to sell the publisher’s inventory.

Programmatic ad platforms also have a copy of ads.txt, which contains the list of publishers authorized to represent in ad sales.

Every seller will have an ID listed in the file. In the bid request of the seller, the ID of the seller matches this ID. Ads.txt also authorizes multiple sellers to sell the same inventory.

Why is Ad.txt important for buyers?

With Ad.txt, it would become easy for the publishers to identify authorized sellers. Buyers can verify the inventory in a few ways. The ad tags can be checked if the publisher and the buyer adopt them.

If the publisher has ads.txt, then the buyer can check the text file to see if the exchange is listed in it or not.

If the buyer wants to verify multiple publishers, they can use the Crawler launched by IAB and query the publisher websites for ads.txt files.

Buyers can set up filters and ensure they deal only with authorized sellers. All premium publishers must adopt it for maximum benefit for the buyer.

Why is Ads.txt important for publishers?

Publishers should drop the text file on their web server. The text file will have the list of parties authorized to sell or resell the publisher’s inventory.

The partner’s name and the publisher’s account ID are mentioned. Buyers can check the publisher’s ID in the bid request and make decisions. In the text, a publisher can also specify whether the partner is a direct or reseller. File.

There are a lot of benefits for publishers from Ads.txt. They can easily find who is selling the inventory and ensure unauthorized resellers do not damage their brand.

However, publishers must take care that the Adx.txt file deployed problem and that there are no missing items, as this can affect the publisher’s revenue stream.

For publishers who are wondering whether to adopt ads.txt or not, here are some benefits –

  • Creating the ads.txt file is simple and can be updated easily.
  • The information needed to create the ads.txt file is not complex.
  • Using ads.txt helps provide transparency and find what inventory is sold by whom.
  • Increases the confidence of the advertiser.

Implementing ads.txt for Google ads

It is simple to implement ads.txt. No special technical skills are needed, which can be updated periodically to add or remove authorized ad networks.

A text file is created in which one line is added per authorized partner. Three-piece information separated by a comma is added on each line.

The things added are the domain of the advertising system, account ID, and the relationship the publisher has with the partner, that is, if they are direct partners or resellers.

Direct partners are those with whom the publisher has direct business relationships with the exchange. Resellers mean the publisher gives the authorization to sell publishers’ inventory on their behalf. There is also a 4th field, which is optional.

The tag for the source of partners who have a Trustworthy Accountability group certificate has been added here.

When publishing ads via Google Ads and wanting to implement it, first, locate the publisher ID.

Log in to Google Ads and go to settings. Then proceed to Account and Account information. The Ads.txt entry will look like this: ‘google.com, pub-0000000000000000, Direct, f09c47fec0942fa0.

Ads.txt is developed to prevent inventory counterfeiting. Ads.txt helps manage legitimate partnerships and ensures that the inventory is not misrepresented.

Unauthorized reselling is significant fraud in programmatic advertising. The buyers must contact the publishers to know which SSPs are authorized to sell the inventory.

Using ads.txt helps the buyers to determine who has authorized access to the inventory they seek. Market adoption is the only challenge that ads.txt. For it to be beneficial, both the buyer and the seller need to adopt it.

Ads.Txt Advantages

  • Using files to increase the number of ads
  • How to create custom ads for your website
  • How to track how many clicks you get
  • Saving time by setting up ad campaigns quicker
    – Pays you to advertise
    – Tracks shows and publishers to ensure they are paid fairly
    – Easy to set up
    – Prevents fraud
  • Zero configuration
  • Ads are disabled on private browsing
  • Ads load faster
  • Minimal impact on the web page
  • Good for publishers
  • Find advertising opportunities that are not immediately available
  • Find ads that are not in effect – or only partly in effect
  • Identify internet advertising holes in existing campaigns
  • Recognize unclaimed ad space available for quick use
  • It is free
  • The advertisements can be seen by thousands of internet users
  • You don’t need to redesign the page layout
  • People can easily detect useful ads
  • Get revenue before you get traffic
  • Protect your content from online thieves
  • Serve relevant ads to your audience
  • Earn more revenue per visitor with highly targeted ads
  • Enhance your ranking
  • Get immediate results
  • Drive maximum visibility
  • Ad Targets
  • No Number In the Address
  • No Spam Filters

Ads.Txt Disadvantages

Ads.txt is a tool, and it will not fix everything. Here are its disadvantages.

  • Ads.txt is an initiative to stop domain spoofing.
  • Ads.txt is open for everyone to use and free to set up
  • A source of revenue for the tech community
  • Always consult a lawyer before adopting ads.txt
  • No single organization can control ads.txt!
  • Not all ads will honor ads.txt policies
  • It may be easy to place spoofed ads for domains not in your inventory
  • Inexpensive advertising
  • The inferiority of the ads
  • Low exposure rates
  • There are no tools to track the number of visitors from the ads
  • They can’t be used as a sole advertising source
  • No direct communication with the interested users.
  • Not all companies monitor ads
  • Advertisers are expensive
  • It is hard to get a well-known company
  • A lot of companies watch ads


Ads.txt is an essential tool for website owners, publishers, and advertisers seeking to combat ad fraud, improve transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem, and ensure that ad inventory is sold only through authorized sellers.
By implementing an ads.txt file on your web server, you can help verify the legitimacy of your ad inventory and prevent counterfeit inventory from being presented to advertisers.
As ads.txt continues to gain widespread adoption and support from major players in the digital advertising industry, it is crucial for businesses to understand and implement this simple yet effective solution to protect their interests and contribute to a more transparent and trustworthy online advertising environment.
Embrace the power of ads.txt to secure your ad inventory, optimize your monetization efforts, and foster a safer, more accountable digital advertising landscape.

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