What is Blockchain Digital Marketing?

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Blockchain Digital Marketing

Is Blockchain Digital Marketing a significant aspect of the Global Market?

What does it mean?

How is Blockchain technology being a role model for the present Digital Marketing World?

What is Blockchain Digital Marketing?

The Blockchain is relevant to the Bitcoin at which the decentralized technology use for the Crypto-currency transactions. Simply the current transactions, either data or currency of the Marketing World, are stored and added into chronological order without holding the central records to do.

Pros and Cons of Blockchain Technology



The public is enabled to view the changes that have been made on the ledger of the blockchain. To alter those changes, one needs to have huge computing power.

High Data Quality:

The data that is provided in the blockchain technology will be apparent, consistent, complete, and widely available for all audiences.

No Third Party:

No third-party involvement is found while the money transaction is being held between the two parties.

High-speed Transactions with low cost:

The transactions through blockchain technology are held at high speed while comparing to the transactions of the interbank. The additional burdening transactions costs are diminished by eradiating the third parties. Hence, it charges a very low price.

No Single Centered Authority:

The transactions of blockchain technology are not monitored by the single entity where it has no single point of the network to have the failure, and it is sturdier for the hackers to corrupt.


More Energy Consumption:

The standard considerable computer power is not enough to validate the transactions of 450 trillion thousand by the minors of the blockchain.

Ethnic Adoption:

It requires both the operator and user to invest as the blockchain needs the transfer from both the commerce and financial model.

No Regulations:

Blockchain technology doedoesn’tve any regulations on how the transactions should take place. It may lead industries and governments to adopt blockchain theology in the broader range that remains unfixed.

Purpose of Using Blockchain Digital Marketing

The adoption of Blockchain digital marketing might result in the following aspects of improving business marketing.


Consumers do not view the advertising platforms that serve ads that get a 56.1% impression on Google.

It is the most annoying act that lets the advertisers pay for not-watched ads.

To solve this problem, the Blockchain technology browser has been introduced by the ‘Ba’ic Attention Project’ t’at detects the user time spent on the website and the viewed pixels.

Simply, the advertisers will pay for the watched ads.

It will provide high privacy for the user and allow the advertiser to target the users.


Giant advertising platforms like Facebook and Google are using user information.

What will happen?

When there is no involvement of the third parties between the actual advertiser and the users.

Then, a direct connection will take place between them. By considering that, ‘Bi’Clave’ i’ is going to step ahead and introduce online search through decentralization.

Here the BitBitClave’sgine can be used as a search medium for the consumers that allow paying for the data of their own.

The targeted ads will be served in an exchange. The most common issue of adblocking in advertising will be addressed.

Ad Fraud:

It is the most common issue that each advertiser in the marketing world is facing.

Ad fraud in 2016 led advertisers to waste $12.5 billion.

The rise is growing day by day, and it causes advertisers to lack trust in digital marketing.

Deloitte has organized blockchain technology for the delivery of the ad that fulfills the advertisers.

It will let us find that the ads are going to the right place and delivered.

Blockchain Technology’s Impact on Digital Marketing

The use of Blockchain technology is showing a huge impact on digital marketing for different categories of users.


Most of the users are spending precious time, losing money, and using their devices to watch the ads on them.

But with the use of blockchain digital marketing technology, the users can view high-quality ads with complete transparency and Transparency

That means the products in the supply chain are whether genuine or not can be traced with the help of the digital ledger system of Blockchain technology.

The consumers can get direct digital or micro-currency for the watched ad content.

It also helps to eliminate the high usage of bandwidth and device battery.


It is all because they don’t have the customer data, Ad fraud of bots, and no proper target of the consumers.

When advertisers have poor data, the audience details will lead to a lower ROI.

The involvement of blockchain will ban third parties and will allow them to have complete consumer data with direct contact.

The advertisers can identify the efficiency of the proper reach of the ads to the consumers.

Different Ways Blockchain Will Transform Digital Marketing

The use of Blockchain Technology is predominant in the digital marketing and advertising sectors. Some of the advertisers and marketers maintain data with extreme brand safety and Transparency.Transparency: There are five ways in which Blockchain Technology will transform the Digital Marketing sector.

1. Destruction of The Concept of Middleman: Saying Goodbye to Middleman

Blockchain technology says goodbye to the Middleman concept. Blockchain introduced the Peer-to-peer system and eliminated the intermediaries. Through the Peer-to-peer system, users can interact with each other directly.

It allows companies to pay their audience directly to view their ads. The decentralized system of Blockchain gives complete security to clients and contractors, making it easy to flow between two parties.

2. Online Ad Buying and Verification: Strict Verification Process

The advertisers can’t make many clicks to their ads. Are these clicks coming from real customers or bots?

Through the Blockchain for Programmatic Buying, the advertising company can quickly identify whether the ad views were coming from the real targeted audience or not. Here, it ensures that advertising parties pay only for genuine clicks because the system is transparent and encrypted.

Another deployment for Blockchain Advertisers is ad verification. It is incredibly beneficial and can determine the mechanism for brands where their ads have been placed. Here, ad fraud can be easily identified, and cost-effective alternatives can be provided.

3. Targeted Audience For Better Influencer Marketing:

By implementing Blockchain technology, advertisers and marketers can build their customer profiles directly from the customers. It helps to develop and maintain the database for potential customers only. It allows companies to use smart advertising to target the audience who are willing to buy their products.

Blockchain technology plays a crucial role in Brand awareness and influencer marketing. It provides an easy way to track influencer contacts, likes, views, and clicks with high-level accuracy and transparency.Transparency Transparency:

Blockchain offers full transparency and transparency and is an efficient way of safeguarding the privacy of users.

BloBlockchain’s digital marketing system provides tamper-proof transparency. Transparencyduct moves through supply chain management. The buyers can easily know every step of the products and provide the utmost transparency and Transparency experience.

5. Data Protection and Regulatory Concession:

Blockchain Technology leverages marketers to store a large volume of data securely. It is also an alternative to traditional data storage methods because of its decentralized and encrypted system.

Blockchain technology ensures high-level privacy protection. According to the new GDPR compliance usage of Blockchain, the customer permits the company to access the data for a limited time and limited usage.

Future Of Blockchain In the Digital Marketing Industry

  • Every digital marketing specialist knows the importance of Blockchain Technology in digital marketing. The cryptocurrency market is directly related to the blockchain technology.
  • Researchers proved that 0.23% of the total world population, or one out of every 438 people, own Bitcoins. It is recorded in the Public Blockchain ladder.
  • Blockchain technology usage is continuously increasing. Regular people and business persons are knowing the importance of Bitcoin as a digital currency and Blockchain as a technology.
  • Nowadays, Google accepts Bitcoin payments using the Developer’s payment API. This Google payment update is good news for investors and gives better results to businesses in their digital wallets.
  • The many digital channels universally adopted blockchain technology for the next few years. Many businesses seek leverage of its techniques and Cryptocurrencies.
  • Many digital marketing companies and Organisations rely on Blockchain technologies.
  • For example, Display Network Channels make online payments via cryptocurrency.
  • In Future Facebook, also implement Online payments via Credit Cards, PayPal, and Facebook ad Coupons. It is under the Testing process.

Examples Of Blockchain Digital Marketing

WAVES Blockchain Marketing:

Waves is a decentralized blockchain platform that focuses on custom blockchain token operations. Waves Blockchain Marketing Platform explained how to use the Waves Crypto platform for asset transfers and custom token insurance. Waves Blockchain Platform maintains the National Currency transfers through the Complaint gateway Operator.

Kyber Network Blockchain Marketing:

Kyber Network Blockchain Marketing allows users to exchange and convert their digital assets. This example shows how the Kyber Network was exchanging the Crypto-space needs. Kyber network provides anew away contract wallet that allows anyone to receive the payments from any token seamlessly.

Gilgamesh Platform Blockchain Digital Marketing:

This Gilgamesh Blockchain Digital Marketing platform explains how Gilgamesh used Blockchain Technology to increase the empowerment of the Writer’s community. Gilgamesh platform permits the authors to socially connect and exchange knowledge, consumers Gil Tokens, user experience, and readers to share critics.

ANX Blockchain Advertising:

ANX is a cutting-edge financial technology company specializing in Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency. ANX is one of the first Bitcoin exchanges and money transfer operator companies for Foreign Exchange. This example is a promotional video of ANX, how the Bitcoin Debit cards are introduced, and how to transfer your Bitcoins directly to ANX debit cards.

PIVX Blockchain Marketing:

PIVX is a Cryptocurrency industry, and it provides high-level transnational security and privacy. PIVX Blockchain Marketing example describes the highlighted features of PIVX.


Blockchain technology is a trending concept in digital marketing for all advertisers and marketers. The blockchain is the best-advanced method for earning accurate results in real-time marketing. The above-described Blockchain Digital Marketing will let businesses find everything about it.

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