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Google Tag Manager

Do you want to reduce the burden of your work while marketing and publishing your products? Then start using Google Tag Manager.

Did you hear about the fantastic tool “Google Tag Manager”?

If not, keep an eye on the below phrases to find more about it.

Google Tag Manager:

The tool helps to assign the tags to the website directly and quickly includes the tracking of conversion and analysis of analytics that is mainly responsible for draining the engagement of the audience with heavy traffic.

Tag Manager is a tool of Google that will be helpful for marketers to avoid being dependent on developers and speed up the marketing process. Tag Manager is an easy to use and powerful tool which, when used right, can be beneficial in the marketing process.

Tag Manager is a tool to make the tags. Every tag can run on Google Tag Manager, and this provides some outstanding advantages.

It allows adding JavaScript to the site and gets the details of visitor behavior or adds structured data to the pages. Many people think that Google Analytics is a tool similar to Google Analytics. But it is an entirely separate tool.

Parts of Google Tag Manager

There are three main parts in Google Tag Manager. These are the Tag, Trigger, and Variables. The tag is a snippet code which added to the website page;

Triggers when and where the cards should execute. The next part is the variable and is used to store information used triggers and tags.

Interesting Things about Google Tag Manager

This is a unique tool. These are the things that make this powerful tool very special.

    • Tag Manager is a free tag managing tool. The features include tag firing rules, Google tags, third-party tags and custom HTML tag support, etc.
    • It has no limitations. It can be used for other products apart from Google products. Tag Manager can use for Os and Android apps as well.
    • The user ID tracking feature of Google Analytics is complicated but helps measure real users. But with this, it is straightforward to implement functions like these.
    • Google Analytics challenges such as Cross-domain tracking, custom dimensions, and others also helped by Tag Manager.

Did you know?

Google Tag Manager Enhance the E-commerce Integration, Shopping and purchase and Product Attribution.

  • It also makes tracking YouTube videos, Print Tracking, etc. very easy.
  • This Google tool also provides free security. Some of the security features are two-factor authentication and requiring granting by different levels at account and container levels.
  • If you want to test and debut everything you do use it, use the debug options, built-in error checking, and version control, etc.

Ways to Use Google Tag Manager

It can be used to improve the results of your marketing campaign. There are some ways in which it is used.

  • Google Analytics is used to stop spam or internal-traffic to its website. With Google Analytics, the number of possible limits is 100. For those who want to exclude more than a hundred internal IPS, blocking triggers through Google Tag Manager recommended.
  • Organic search results can be improved using structured data. But now developers may find implementing structured data. Use this to achieve structured data on a website quickly.
  • Accurate indexing can achieve, and variation of URL except default one avoids by using it.
  • Marketing Automation Software is used by many to capture the data of leads and track the points. Monitoring lead parameters and combining this with Google Analytics information can quickly implement with it.
  • Auto events can be used to track user behavior and conversions easily. Some downloads and form submissions also can follow with auto events. It can help increase conversions and improve engagement.

There are many advantages of adding the tags via Google Tag Manager. It offers controls over the cards. You have control over when it should fire when it should not shot, where it should shoot and where it should not, and the execution of the tags.

To add or remove tags when you are not using this, you have to remove or delete them from the template files manually. The code change is required to do this for big websites.

Any tag can be added, removed, or disabled from the site efficiently using this. This tool reduces the maintenance cost and time spent on the management of tickets. It is free to use tools.

Google Tag Manager Benefits

    • There will be no need to edit the website code again and again for adding or removing editing tags when you use it.
    • Testing and deploying tags is very easy and fast with this tool.
    • When you use this tool for your website, you can implement advanced tracking in very little time, which usually takes days to do.
    • Adding, deleting, enabling, and disabling the tags are very easy with this tool. It is especially useful when you are using many numbers of analytics and marketing tags on the website.
    • The website speed is also improved with this as it avoids slow loading tags blocking the other tickets from being executed.

Did you know?

Google Tag Manager Works on three main elements like Tags, Variables, and Triggers.

Using this will not take all the tracking and marketing work. But it makes these tasks very easier. Implementation and analysis are efficient when the tool used. Using the tools is very easy.

Gain a little bit of experience in using the tools; then, you are ready to build an automated, cost-effective ad campaign, sales funnels, and others. Delivering and following through the content or ad campaigns are handled efficiently by it.

Google Tag Manager: Link

Tag Manager used to dispatch all the tags in one place.

Tabli: Link

Multitasking can do at once by using this Tabli.

Simple yet powerful tab manager for Google Chrome

Tealium iQ Tag Management: Link

By using it, the complete data of the customers can be managed by management.

Commanders Act: Link

By collecting the data of the customers, the optimization of campaigns can do with the assigned budget.

Tag Assistant (by Google): Link

By using this, Google tags can installed.

GTM Tools: Link

These tools will provide the service to access the GTM with the help of API.

Google Analytics Debugger: Link

Google analytics debug version for Google analytics will be loaded.

Injector: Link

The snippets of custom code are available to inject into any website.

Tag Manager Injector: Link

The container tags of GTM can insert to Web age by using this tool.

Code Editor for GTM: Link

This GTM code interface can be used to edit the HTML tags.

EditThisCookie : Link

The cookies can block, deleted, edited, and searched using this tool.

Data Layer: Link

The data layers of tag management can be altered and allow us to have user-friendly access.

GTM dataLayer Sifter: Link

The fast search of DOM elements can be done with the help of this tool.

WASP.inspector: Analytics Solution Profiler: Link

It provides quality through analytics that can assure by testing the quality.

Da Vinci Tools: Link

The hacks and handy enhancements can directly access on GTM and Google analytics.

GTM Sonar: Link

It will check the flexibility of the template with the GTM’s listeners.

Analytics Pros dataLayer Inspector+: Link

The activity of Google Analytics can analyze by using this tool.

Google Analytics Debugger: Link

The debugging of Google analytics can do while added as an extension of Chrome.

Code Editor for GTM: Link

DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager for WordPress

The managing of code snippets, PPC, and analytics can be done by using this free tool.


Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Metronet Tag Manager

Based on the per page and per post, the data layer variables can be used.

Metronet Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager


Being the marketer, then this could be the better way to acquire the instant success of your campaign. The Google Tag Manager is the ever best tool with advanced features that every marketer needs in the present and future era.

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