What are Rich Snippets?

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What are Rich Snippets

SEO is competitive in the Digital World, especially for Online Businesses. Every day, it’s getting more challenging to stand on the search results. All information about Rich Snippets is given here.

Have you noticed that some search results show only URLs and some of the results display URLs with additional information and star ratings?

Have you ever heard of the term Rich Snippets?

Does anyone know what Structured Markup is, and why does it matter for Search Engine Optimization?

Do you know why Scheme Markup is critical in Local Business?

You are making all these possible only when you implement this simple technique in your business. Please communicate with the search engine in their language. That means the only language that the search engine speaks is “Schema Markup,” “Structured markup,” or “Rich Snippets.”

What are Rich Snippets?

Snippets are in the form of text, which describes the search result. Snippet displays of the meta description give more relevant results in search.

Rich Snippets are Structured data markups that webmasters can add to the HTML. Snippets offer additional information to the visitors to enhance the website value — further details including price, relevance, availability, ratings, and more.

Rich Snippets leads users to make the right decision when surfing for something on search engines.

Anyone can use Rich Snippets on their websites, but we should install the Snippet code. E-commerce websites pay off from the rich snippets option, which displays price, availability, and ratings. Rich snippets are the best strategy to implement to battle against competitors.

Advantages of using Rich Snippets

It gives additional information to the user about the product, such as details, ratings, relevance, etc.

It gives instant information about the search query.

Have complete control over product information.

Structure data Attracts the user’s attention with rich, thumbnailed information.

Rich Snippets enhance your Click Through Rate and cut down the bounce rates.

These structured data markups let Google understand the web page’s primary content.

Rich Snippets can be applied to any search result, such as Businesses, software, Companies, services, events, people, Reviews, products, etc.

Different Types Of Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are eye-catchy because they incorporate images. The added information layer boosts the website ranking and leads traffic.

Let’s go through the detailed description of various types of Rich Snippets, each including specific relevant data.

Events Snippets:

Event Snippets hold complete information about an event, like starting date, time, location, ticket details, and description. It will display only information about upcoming events, not past ones.

Organization Snippets:

The organization snippet leads Google to find all information about the business of the Organisation, the location where it is located, phone numbers, Website URL, services, brand image, and ratings.

Product Snippets:

This structured markup is essential for the e-commerce website. Snippets display the product name, rating, price, availability, sellers, and currency. The product snippet should be directed to the product page.

Music Snippets:

Whenever people search for songs by name or lyrics, the music snippet displays direct links to the songs, videos, and albums. It will also show links to buy that album.

People Snippets:

The snippet shows brief information about that person’s Name, Profession, nickname, phone number, and job title. It makes search engine jobs easy to display people’s details.

Video Snippets:

Video Snippets help to showcase your video details properly on Google. It will highlight the name of the Video, video image with a play button, duration, production name, and license.

Review Snippets:

This Structured Markup included additional product information, app details with a star rating, and individual reviewer names.

Recipe Snippets:

It offers information about the recipe with eye-catching images, reviews, duration of the video or cooking time, calories, ingredients, and ratings.

Author Snippets:

Snippet’spet’s primary purpose is to offer additional information about the Authors, including author names, article links, Google links, photos, and Google+ followers count.

Rich Snippets For Live Video

Do you live-stream video content?

Here we go; Google launched a new feature to Live Streaming Structured Data to support Google Live stream with Indexing API.

Google added a new Indexing API to discover the Live stream quickly. The new Live Structured data help Google to understand what is running on Live Streaming.
This new feature displays a Live badge on the Video Thumbnail and the time the Live stream started in Google Search results.

Indexing API:

Since Lives Streaming is live and runs in real-time, Google introduced this indexing API to communicate easily when the live stream is live.
This Structured data is specially designed for Live Events, Video Games, Award functions, and Sports Events. Indexing API is also helpful for job posting URLs.

Top Rich Snippets Plugins for WordPress

Schema Pro:

It is the premium plugin mainly used to add the proper markup of JSON-LD to your designed website. It can be done in a queue format. The other plugins implement the schema markup in this list, in which new content is added.

Schema Ninja:

Schema Ninja helps to improve the click-through rate for the website. By using this plugin, users can easily make rich snippets. For this, one doesn’t need to be a technical expert to display the star rating for the blog posts on Google results.

WP Review Pro:

The “MyThemeShop” has offered this plugin to provide the best review sites. It helps generate eye-rich snippets of eye-catching rating stars for your organic search listings. It also adds design features that help write the most compelling reviews.

All in one schema rich snippets:

You can immerse the rich snippets in the blog by using the high-quality WordPress plugin, which is freely available. The most critical data can be displayed on the search results snippet.

Moreover, all significant aspects, like star ratings, author, photo price, etc., can be included on your blog with the help of this plugin. The increment in search ranking and click-through rate is observed.

Rich contact widget:

You can add the contact details on the search engine using this plugin. The search engine in search results can use the combination of microformats and microdata markup in this plugin.

Location-based businesses can benefit more from this plugin as it displays the address details on the search page and details on Google Maps.

Rich Snippets WordPress plugin:

A rich snippet is a premium WordPress plugin where it is more affordable to use. The seven schema markup shortcodes like Events, Addresses, Products, Recipes, Music, People, and Ratings can be added to your blog content.

Rich Reviews:

It mainly helps us focus on building the review-rich snippets, which are freely available. It gathers the ratings of users and markup those with schema.org.

Schema App Structured Data:

You can unlock the comprehensive schema.org markup library by using this premium tool.
It adds the schema markup for all your posts, author pages, and pages by using your site information automatically.


If you are dealing with an online business, striving hard to stand on a search result, grab and implement rich snippets for outstanding achievement.

Please email us at info@dotndot.com or call us at +919848321284.

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